Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Sample Sale - till Jan

I know its been AGES!!!! Forgive me!! I havent had the same dedication as I should to blog anymore. But I am making it my new years resolution to be better!!

I have been super , super busy, but I am going to take a quick second to let you guys in on the best kept secret in town. I recently visited my friend's new store right beside Century 21 downtown. Though its not a sample sale per se, it does have sample sale - type pricing. His jeans are all in season...True Religion, Seven's , Citizens of Humanity, Frankie B, Joe's Jeans and much more. Check it out.

The address is 2 Cortlandt Street, 2nd floor off broadway(right next door to Century 21). As long as I have been complaining about getting a pair of True Religions that I really love, I finally bought a pair of them with the help of Stephanie and Kian. Thanks guys!!!!

Please show them some support ...tell them I sent you!

Updates next week!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Larry Johnson , styled by Remi Fagbohun in the new Roc Boys Video

Even though I haven't been blogging, you guys have been on my mind!!! My apologies all....
Check out my client looking his usual handsome self styled by me, wearing grey pin - stripe Dolce & Gabbana suit , light blue Gucci shirt, Richard James polka dot tie and Etro pocket square. HOT!!!

I'm sorry I haven't a damn clue how to embed the video onto my blog and haven't the energy to try!!! LOL!!

Will try and get better at posting, its so damn time consuming!!!!

Video courtesy of!! Thanks!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Christy Bareijsza and the Versatile Shopper....7/29/07

Even if I cant blog much...I can show what I have been up to, right?

Christy Bareijsza of The Red Carpet Events is one of my best friends and an amazing event planner. Remember that you heard about her here first!! She is well on her way to the top, especially with the calibre of events that she currently has under her belt. Kindly join me in wishing her all the best in the upcoming weeks as she tackles her busiest week ever!!!

Here we are about to go out for a night on the town. Should I mention that all pictures you see of her, were styled by me?? Well, I thought that was obvious!!
What else have I been up to??
Styling and shopping of course!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Espy awards 2007!!!

I feel like every post starts with an apology...

And I realized, I needn't apologize for being busy, reading my posts half of the time you can clearly understand exactly how jam -packed life really is for me.

My client was in town again, yay for me!! Pictures should surface tomorrow of him at the ESPY awards,in L.A in which he was nominated!! I think it was for best NFL player or something like that... It will air this weekend (pls don't ask me when, I am too tired to go and check)...This time he was beautifully decked out in an amazing Tuxedo!! Black tux, black shirt (if he didn't change anything ), pocket square, traditional glossy tuxedo shoes...he looked sharp!! Very handsome...(sorry folks, but I cant give it all away...he likes his privacy!!!)

As far as celebs go, I couldn't ask for a better client. He truly is a great person and a pleasure to work with...join me in wishing him well in negotiations...

Thanks to my 2 favorite people who always make sure I have whatever I am looking for...Carl and Hope @ Paul Smith. The both of you are a pleasure to know. I am truly happy we met and I look forward to working more with the both of you. Who knows what the future may hold.
Here's to building your dreams...

For discerning individuals, the Paul Smith Fall Collection is pretty intense-seriously!! You really shouldn't miss out on it, especially since i have already put in pre-orders!! Seriously THAT good!! Make sure to ask for my people down in Soho...

As per me???

Looking for more clients, the search goes on. Pls remember there are referral fees...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BET Awards and celebrity clients...

Hi everyone!!
Last time I posted, it was about one celebrity client, that I had shopped/styled for the BET awards show, right?? Well that went beautifully! I can proudly say that I styled Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs; and he was wearing Gucci. His date was Julissa Bermudez and she looked absolutely stunning!!!

Talking about the awards, I have a few favorite dresses. Beyonce always looks great. The Dolce and Gabbana Belt did her figure justice!!! In my opinion. Others may happily disagree...

I loved Julissa Bermudez's dress (you must see the back of that dress) Melyssa Ford's outfit, Ciara's, Nicole Scherzinger's , The colors in Eva Pigford's dress made her stand out...
Amerie looked great in the yellow number...

The entire Ross family and the Swizz Beats family looked great. I loved the color co-ordination with the Beats family especially. Family is VERY powerful! Its always great to see them all together at these events.

Of course my favorite male walking the red carpet would be Larry Johnson...DUH!!!

Anyway, as far as celebrities go, I now have another one added to the roster. DJ Chuck Dogg is a popular NYC DJ on Power 105.1 FM. He is on the 2-6pm shift from Saturday-Wed. He is a producer, DJ and on air personality...tune in and show him some love! We met recently and I had to dress him for the Entertainment Weekly party last week. He walked the Red Carpet and that makes 2!!! We are in the process of changing his whole look. Stay tuned.

So people...

Here is the beginning of my foray into the land of celebrity styling. 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4. I am still available for regular shopping/styling (no egos here, not likely to ever be any either) , so no one should get any big ideas. My email address isn't changing, this will still be my blog(but a little understanding on the lacking updates) feel free to reach out! Especially the soon to be brides. I am always available for your consultations.

Have a great day all!!! The links will take you to the pictures on wireimage...not trying to wreck my subscription...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Updates June...

I finally made it back to bloggville.
My apologies to really need to understand that time is one of those crucial commodities that I never seem to have enough of!!

A few highlights...

Snagged my first non-naija celeb... nothing wrong with Naija celebs o...but the coverage is limited to Naijas...and we know that I need GLOBAL coverage. BET awards is GREAT(which is what this was for)...Grammy awards next!! Can't tell you who or what he is wearing until afterwards. But lets just say the dress code we chose is black and white...and there is beautiful lady in white on his arm! They are going to look FABULOUS!! Stay tuned... I will be glued to the tv on the 26th!!!

My client couple in the UK needed their shopping done...usually a breeze. But this time it was a lot of back and forth... I hate that, but whats a girl to do really?? Kinda comes with the territory.

Several new clients and new connections have been made...

Christy Bareijsza is doing fabulously...I will post her lovely picture from the Operation Smile event, where she wore the Vivienne Tam dress soon (got to get her permission...) we are building her closet slowly but surely. She also has a Mara Hoffman dress too...

Introduced Mara Hoffman to a few clients who had never heard of her. I am the proud owner of several of her dresses and responsible for doing a decent amount of damage during her sample sale. Her dresses are amazing. Especially if you like color...which I do! Check out her website My stay at home mom client also bought one of Mara's dresses. She absolutely LOATHES shopping! I can definitely not mention her name as she truly loves her no picture there....

Gianni Bravo my ever faithful shoe supplier, has just sent me their fall line sheet...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Thanks to everyone that bought the frenzii tops...

Still looking for new clients, but then when am I not??

I am trying to update my website...(hasn't happened yet!)

Trying to have a better looking myspace page...(also hasn't happened)

Also still networking ferociously...which means I am doubling up on caffeine to keep up. Quite a few good parties too...

More info soon...but hopefully you understand better now, why blogging is not factoring higher on my list of priorities...Housework , versatile work and mommy work calls.

Geez its tough being a woman, its even tougher being me and wanting to do it all!

Hubby and son are fine.
In the midst of all this chaos, I still found time to find a summer camp and to plan a vacation for us.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I know, I know, being MIA isn't really an option, but ...whats a girl to do???
Just got back from a fabulous sample sale adampluseve. 75 ninth ave btw 15th and 16th, today was day one, definitely worth a look , they will be around till saturday! Sigh...more details to come.So many things are going on cant think straight

Tomorrow its hollywould...

More later!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Getting The Red Carpet Treatment!

I have had one hell of a week! Definitely a good week, but also it just seemed extremely LONG!

Christy Bareijsza is the owner of The Red Carpet, and one of my newest clients! She is an amazing event planner and she constantly has one event or another to attend. Her image is important and it is now my responsibility (I LOVE THAT) , to build her wardrobe and make sure she is presenting the right image. She has to be the sweetest person I have met in a loooong time! She is very much a girl after my own heart as she believes that once she finds someone who can do their job, there is really no reason to look elsewhere. Did I mention how talented she was??

You see I like people who actually realize that I know what I am doing and let me do what I do best. It’s not an easy feat for a lot of people to simply trust another individual. I get that, honestly, I do. But it is also a tad bit frustrating when you can see that something is really going to work for a person, yet…they can not see it themselves! I am not going to act like I am also not guilty of doing the same thing. When I first met my hair stylist Hadiiya Barbel ( 4 years ago, I came to her with a set style in mind. I wanted the big afro curls that a lot of people were wearing with shades of blond. She had mentioned that it would be better if I had softer curls, but I was insistent! Needless to say, she did exactly what I wanted, and I HATED it!! I looked like Tina Turner!! No joke! Now I just sit in her chair and she decides what my next look will be. This is a relationship that has grown over the years…but it has never failed me yet. Down to my newest look – choppy bob with a streak of auburn in it! Would never have come up with that on my own - EVER!! She is really talented and has worked with so many people its ridiculous! Check out some of the people she has worked. Yup, they are all her clients. I should know since I bump into them regularly in the salon!! Tell her Remi sent you , if you ever decide to contact her!

Back to Christy…

I told her how I liked to work and found out she is one of those people who would rather not go into a store again if she could possibly avoid it. YAY!! Sounds like a match made in heaven, because if I had my way, I would be shopping everyday!

Once we figured out what are respective ideas were concerning her new look, we went through her closet trying to weed out what was needed and what was not. That took us about 2hrs, and then we hit the sample sale the very next day. Simon Showroom, which represents C+ C California, Paul and Joe, Citizens of Humanity and Elisa Coleman, was having their sale, which started that day. We were able to pick up a few things there and picked up even more at the ART OF SHOPPING sample sale in Soho on Saturday. That has to be where we did the most damage, thus far!!

She had a golf tournament to host for one of her clients and she looked like a million bucks…even if I say so myself!!

Keep looking out for THE RED CARPET ! When you see her picture on TV, you will know that’s all me!!

Did I mention I am not planning another party/dinner again?? Yup, that's Christy's job now! She really is THAT good!! I can also think about an official launch for my company mm!

As more and more people become comfortable with me blogging about them, I will mention more names. Until on and imagine who they might actually be!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Everything Jersey...

Ok, my apologies for not updating.

Work and life have been kicking my butt! It was far easier to comment on other blogs, than to update my own.

Spring is right around the corner and I wanted to talk about my latest love affair with Jersey. You see, jersey and I have always been rather fond of each other. I love it in the winter, when you can layer (I LOVE LAYERING) or in the spring when you need the sleeves, but not exactly the thickness...or in the summer when those jersey dresses make it possible to actually remail cool...

Despite the fact that I do not have an online store or anything, I tend to push a few items from time to time. Usually they are items I have fallen in love with and found to work for me and some of my clients. My company is set up to sell items as well as shopping and styling (hence the name Versatile)! Yes, I know...juggling it all!! My accountant never finds this amusing!!

Anyway here are two pictures of me rocking my latest Jersey. This and more are for sale, feel free to contact me for details. They come in every color possible , but for work, I chose blue and black. feel free to order (from me) or comment, they are $52 each discount available for multiples.

Have a great day everyone....imagine them on jeans and leggings too! The possibilities...

Friday, March 30, 2007

My process...

Happy Friday everyone!

This post is dedicated to 9jamommy and Omara (lol) ...

The end of the week for most people means rest and relaxation… for me its usually a sign of more work – LOL!!

This post stems from the recurring question that I have been getting from a few bloggers (ok, not just bloggers/friends/would be clients…you get the jist of it)

How does my process work??

Well, it all depends on the client.

If you are thinking of using my services, you must have internet access and a phone. Why? Well, its tough enough shopping for people, but communication is the key to making it more successful.

If this is established, then here are the steps below.

Fill out a profile. Now for bloggers that want to stay anonymous, you don’t have to worry about that, your privacy is something that I value and will not disclose. The profile is rather simple, it tells me a bit more about you, your general sizes(across varying designers), body type, max/min per purchase, favorite designers, likes and dislikes etc. You fill it out and return it to me.

Then we chat via phone to discuss which of my package options you prefer. The packages are also rather simple. Either account based (where there is a direct debit taken out of your account to support your shopping habit – LOL) or a sort of pay as you go option (I want to spend 500 right now, what can I get for that etc)

Once we have decided what you want to do, I send you a few options that I think might work for you based on our conversation. These are all pictures that I have taken in the store or have ...

Now we get to the money part. I do not purchase anything for anyone without having their money (for first timers a deposit) first. Sorry folks, but I have to protect myself too! You have multiple ways of getting it across to me. Either you give me your credit card info (I have a credit card machine), send me a check, or wire the money to me. There are also simple ways of merely depositing into an account (more details later – can’t put everything online!!!)

Once we have this all sorted out, we discuss your shipping options versus people going to naija/eurpope. I tend to prefer to ship (its far more reliable). But people sometimes have relatives coming over who also help them carry their items back – I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT!!!

Now for people within the tri-state area, its a lot simpler. i still need you to fill out the profile, but we can meet in person to figure the rest out, which cuts short the process drastically. when I take people out shopping (I do that too), I have an hourly rate. To style you for an event…it all depends on if I am doing the shopping as well. I do not “double charge” my clients.

Do you shop for everyone?
Yes I do. Man, woman and child.

Are the items authentic?
Yes, I have always had very high standards. My reputation is very important to me. A lot of people want to save money buying asking for high quality replicas. I am sorry, but I am not the girl for you. That is my reputation on the line and I have worked hard to build it, not looking to wreck it for a few bucks!!

Do I ship?
Yes I do, DHL preferably (I also have their account), but we can use any method you are comfortable with as long as I can track it.
If you can afford it and if it is a large enough (shopping for the whole family) or expensive enough item (such as a Rolex - no one will carry that!!), I will bring it to you. Obviously you cover the travel expenses. Same applies if I am styling you outside of NYC and you need me to be present.

Do I also sell items?
Yes I do.

Is there a max/min to start with??

Yes, when I take people out shopping, the minimum is 3 hrs. Very little can be done in under that amount of time.

When shopping for people from afar, there isnt a minimum. However, it would make no sense if your shipping costs outweigh your purchases. It would make absolutely no sense...

Any other questions, feel free to ask!
Referrals from bloggers and bloggers get a discount. Just mention it.
Thanks everyone - have a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Men in Colors other than BLUE!

Shopping for people isn't always a cup of tea you know. Sometimes it is DOWN RIGHT ANNOYING!!

A lot of people actually say they want to change their closets/the way they dress, but really don't. I end up having to do the same job twice.

In my family, we love fashion. I mean my son loves clothes and looking good, so does my hubby (he is another story entirely!) And there is no color that we wont wear. My husband owns literally every color shirt possible! His ties are something I need to post about!!

I am bringing this up because I tend to forget sometimes, that not everyone is as evolved. I don't discriminate at all, but sometimes , Nigerian men can be the hardest people to shop for. They would rather just stick to what they know and not venture into anything new , which limits me professionally. A lot of Nigerian men think its effeminate to wear pink. Do they realize how those softer colors look against their dark skin?? Or how sexy women find it?? I guess not!

Brown is one of my clients within the corporate world in naija. He works for a telecom company and wears strictly suits. I started shopping for him last year and on his most recent shopping stint, he really wanted to break away from his usual colors(or so I thought). He has seen pictures of my husband and said that he would love to dress like him. He actually had the audacity to say that I was holding out on him as I do not send him colors that my husband wears. Now mind you, he has filled out my profile o, and has FIRMLY stated that he would never wear pink. Yet the picture he is complaining about, my hubby had on a grey 2 piece, 2 button suit, a pink shirt and blue paisley tie. Even if I say so myself my hubby was looking FIERCE! but you see, I do all of his shopping too, and there is no one telling me not to buy this color or that. my husband trusts me and knows thatif i am buying it, its because I believe its hot and its fashionable. Yes he is a clothes whore... what can I say, so am I! The more stunning the color, the more he loves it.

Anyway, when he contacted me this time and deposited the money, he said I shouldn't hold back...I was getting VERY excited here! As much as I love dressing my girls, I also love dressing my men, knowing the effect they have on the women when they see them decked out! The key is that women know what other women look for. Unfortunately, it takes a "GROWN" woman to be able to send her man out looking fierce and not being worried about how GREAT he looks. Its a pride for me...and my husband enjoys this daily!

Sigh... it should have ended nicely here, right??

Nope... it didn't!!

I did his shopping over the course of 2 weeks. He arrived for his conference yesterday ready to pick up his stuff. Now mind you, his favorite shirt colors are blue, yellow and white. Lilac has never touched his skin (at least so i think ) - he probably owns every shade of blue!
This time I didn't buy a single blue shirt - whats the point?? He said he wanted to change that , right?Boy was I wrong! He totally hated the pink shirts I bought without even opening them from the packs! I bought 3 different pink shirts from Hugo Boss(solid pink), Charles Tyrwhitt (herringbone pink pinstripe) and Paul Smith (multi color stripe -pink being the dominant color) . All the ties were Mimi Fong, in a paisley green (for his blue shirts) , a brocade red and another pink one! He hated them all!! Thank Goodness, i had a few other things that he did like, or else that might have been the end of that business relationship! Jeez!!

He went right back to BLUE! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Everything went right back to the store.

Nobody ever said it was always easy :(

Now here is my question for everyone out there. Do you limit yourself by wearing only certain colors? I personally wear every single color on the rainbow ( not all together - LOL) but in one way or another...

My husband wears it all and LOVES it. Pink(our personal favorite), lilac, orange...sigh. Thinking about some of his shirt and tie combos ...sigh!

What do you think???

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grown Women

A very good friend of mine sent this to me and I immediately thought of posting it on blogger as it made me feel really good and I felt it might help others.

I am dedicating this particular post to all of my "GROWN WOMEN" and to my "GIRLS"out there. You have to once be a girl, to become a grown woman. Its hard , but it can be done! I am proof of that.

Grown Women

Girls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans.
Grown women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where he fits

Girls want to control the man in their life.
Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling.

Girls check you for not calling them.
Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't.

Girls are afraid to be alone.
Grown women revel in it-using it as a time for personal growth.

Girls ignore the good guys.
Grown women ignore the bad guys.

Girls make you come home.
Grown women make you want to come home.

Girls worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their man.
Grown women know that they are pretty and/or good enough for any man.

Girls try to monopolize all their man's time (i.e., don't want him hanging with his friends).
Grown women realize that a lil' bit of space makes the 'together time' even more special-and goes to kick it with her own friends.

Girls think a guy crying is weak. Grown women offer their shoulder and a tissue.

Girls want to be spoiled and 'tell' their man so.
Grown women 'show' him and make him comfortable enough to reciprocate without fear of losing his 'manhood'.

Girls get hurt by one man and make all men pay for it.
Grown women know that that was just one man.

Girls fall in love and chase aimlessly after the object of their affection, ignoring all 'signs'.
Grown women know that sometimes the one you love, don't always love you back-and move on, without bitterness.

Girls will read this and get an attitude. Grown women will read this and pass it on to other Grown women and their male friends".

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
This is wonderful! We need to teach our young ladies to be grown women.
I didn't ask to be a Queen, but if the crown fits. . .

What do you think??? I am Very much a grown woman and proud of it. I know who I am and what I am worth. Do you?? We need more women to empower each other...pls feel free to comment :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Late night styling...

It is exactly 11:35pm.

Two friends just left my home after a late night styling session.

The International Beauty show is tomorrow and one of my friends does hair and make-up...
The IBS is a trade show where all of the hair and beauty companies showcase their products and they have thousands of beauty professionals together all under one roof . there are both seminars and amazing performances surrounding the 3 day event. My friend has work to do on 2 of those days.

They are required to wear all white one day, and all black the other. She wanted us to go over the looks to make sure they were on point. I love collaborating with other people in the fashion industry because they are easier to persuade to try something cutting edge , either new, old or daring. She is also GORGEOUS and would make a sack look good!! LOL!

Her white look was great...
a short sleeve military style blouse , that had bright silver buttons everywhere..., white wide leg pants, and round toe white , stiletto boots. I would have LOVED to break the white, but due to the color constrictions, I had to settle with the a lilac colored set of the only hint of color!

Her black look on the other hand will be sexier than ever!!
Black leather bustier top (with boning ) on top of a white wife beater and black leather pants. silver choker at her neck...

I must say I love what I do!!
Have a great week all!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hello all...

I know , I know, I should have posted ...

But it hasn't been easy getting time to do it - my apologies!

Thanks to everyone who sent me messages asking how I was...I truly appreciate it!!

Needless to say, I have always stated how busy my life usually gets. The lacking updates are mainly because blogging for me is very, very delicate and time consuming. Why delicate?? I can never freely come and pour my heart out. Why?? Well first, I have clients. Number one rule in business, you should never expose your clients or put their business out there. As much as I would love to sit here and chat about it all …I unfortunately cannot. Why time consuming?? Read my older posts and look at an example of my day. I refuse to blog from work (OK, its also not allowed) and trying to blog via blackberry isn’t ideal!!


I have been rather busy in the past few days, and yes, it has been with clients. Well also dealing with my son's stuff too, but that's another story entirely!

One of my clients came into town from London and I needed to take her out shopping and also to entertain her … another was pushing for stuff within a very short time frame from Nigeria. By pushing I mean he wanted a lot of shopping done within a few days so that he could avoid the shipping charges… having his friend bring it back. Mind you the friend is only here for a business trip … for about 3 days! So I had three days to pull stuff together for a seriously Ijebu dude who likes designer stuff! I call him this to his face, so I know he won’t be offended if he reads this!! I pulled it off…YAY for me!!

OK, so let’s pick something more generic

Let’s talk about styling and shopping in general and why I got into it.

I chose this profession because I actually happen to enjoy making people feel good about themselves. When it comes to shopping, I am the energizer bunny reinvented!! I don’t get tired, even if I don’t buy one item for myself!! Saving money is crucial and that’s why being in NYC and having my ear to the ground helps. Sample sales, friends in the right places, an excellent memory and a lot of self control, ensure that my services will always be needed. Did I mention also being stylish??? LOL!!! Every sale I get, I pass on to my clients. Why?? Because I still get paid regardless. You’re paying me to find the deals for you!!

Here’s a good example…

Out at dinner and I meet a new up and coming designer who has heard about what I am doing and my company. He invites me to his studio and I fall in love with his shirts for men. They are finished just the way I like them ( I am big on finishing) and they are funky enough that my hubby would even wear them (hubby is a serious fashion guy and wouldn’t wear anything “conservative or boring” – and yes its all my fault too!!) He gave my hubby one, and I took some pictures and sent it to my male clients. They liked it, and proceeded to order a few…typical networking in a nutshell. I knew that credit card machine would come in handy!!

On another note…

A lot of people do not realize that no one is perfect. Even the best looking person has something that they hate about themselves, they have realized how best to cover up their flaws. Nigeria really doesn’t encourage the whole self esteem thingy. I realized after moving back to this country that your confidence in yourself, will take you places. The fact that you have choices, gives you that confidence that I find, takes everything to the next level. Looks, business, school, relationships – EVERYTHING!!

How confident are you?? In yourself, in your skills, your looks, your relationships…

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Valentine's gifts for women...

Ladies, I really wanted to get the Valentine's posts back to back, my apologies for the GAPS!!!

Men, this goes out to you.

Valentine's day is a time for you to really go all out and spoil your wife/girlfriend/partner. This is the time that you can actually do something extravagant and least expected of you.

Here are my all time favorite gifts

  1. Jewelry - either a ring, wristwatches , a necklace or earrings. If yore not sure what kind of jewelry she would like, then try and look through her jewelry box and figure out what is missing or just ask well in advance!
  2. Bags - Now not just any old bag will do the trick...if she is a designer babe (as most ladies nowadays are) then get her one she doesnt already have. If you also want to play it safe, then get her the latest from her favorite designer. If she isnt a designer is your opportunity to shine, by introducing her to it.
  3. Spa's - since some men aren't willing to try the spa just yet, you can either treat her to some pampering at home, with a massage, or buy her a spa session...
  4. Dinner - as long as she doesn't cook it, that could be VERY romantic...remember to set the mood ; that's what takes your dinner from boring to romantic! Buying and then laying it out for her is also an option.
  5. Lingerie - if you re buying her any clothes, it has to be sexy lingerie...there is just no other way to go!! If you re not in Nigeria, then furs work too...
  6. If she is a techie - you have loads of options, but again this isn't my favorite choice as its not romantic ...
  7. Romantic and creative lovemaking, remember - Making her feel like a queen, is KEY!
  8. Flowers , chocolates and flowers make us feel eben more loved

Almost everything that I listed for men, would work for women too - Happy Valentines day in advance!!


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

NYC Fashion week...


I have slept approximately 3hrs as I type this, I am still reeling from my packed day yesterday , too numb to think of the ones prior to that! Narciso Rodriguez's show was last night at Cedar Lake, Jax Lorette launched her Tshirt line at the Night Hotel and mind you , this is all after a full day of work!!


Got off work at 6pm -

Rushed home to cook dinner , ok - so I cheated...heated leftovers (Jollof rice is great 2 days later you know!!) - 6:45

Dinner served and planted in front of my son ... started to get ready - 7:15

Hit the Holland Tunnel @ 7:30

Looking for parking....yikes its 7:53pm

parking.... parking... parking in NYC is such a bitch!!! ok got a spot!!

Have you heard about the friggin weather?? No way to be cute and warm at the same time, I love my health and cannot afford to be sick!! So I opted for fashionably WARM!! Wasn't looking my hottest, but I made sure I carried my Balenciaga bag which will pick ANYTHING up!!

parked two blocks away....2 NYC blocks....THAT'S FAR!!!

Got in and even had time to catch a drink with my friend backstage (trust me I got in via a friend, not going to lie about knowing the designer if I don't!!).... she was covering the show and is always a GODSEND as she covers them all outside of Bryant Park.

Show must have started at about 8:45pm. That's what I get for rushing. Didn't get the best seat, but at least I wasn't standing!

Hmm, details??

Black, black and white, black and off-white (called bone this season) the few splashes of color he had were in blue, and silver (got to look through the pictures again) Loved the floor length coats he in Bone one in white...I guess they just looked so cosy and warm!! Skinny pants aren't going ANYWHERE!! They don't fit all body types, but hey...that's life!

Picked up one of my dearest friends... YAY!!

Jax Lorrette is a cool designer that I reached out to last year. I missed her show in Sept but kept in touch with her so we were invited to her bash. She launched her new t-shirt line and was having a party @ the Night Hotel. Very cute T's!!

Left there @ 10:45 metered parking - NYC grief...hit Pre:Post...I was starving!! Had a jalapeno Pizza - not bad... more friends caught up with us, ended up @ Cain...

Got home at 2:30...had a meeting with the teachers at our son's school - 7am , which means I was up MAD EARLY!!

Final decision, he is leaving the school, I have tried it ALL - another post for another day, I haven't the energy to get into it right now, honestly!!

Signing out at 11:40pm Wed - and this is a skeletal post!! No pictures as I am too lazy to get up to upload...

I can hear my hubby asleep already, he wonders how the HECK I am able to juggle it all. Honestly I DON'T KNOW!!

Next will be the valentine gift options for blenders pls!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Finishing up the order...Chief 1

Just getting back from one of my jaunts to one of my favorite showrooms. was HAAAAARD not getting something... oh well, here comes my self control kicking in as usual!!

Lets call him Chief 1 (as there are several chiefs ...) will be VERY happy, both bags will make the ladies VERY hapy. I know how much I love bags and I would carry them both...

I was already tired from working all day, but I know I also have something tomorrow, so I really didn't have a choice, but to head there today!! Chief 1's associate leaves on Saturday and it would save them the costs if I could hand it to this guy instead of using my DHL account. My girl at the showroom , literally stayed late to show me the bags she had for sale...

I didn't get there until about 6:45pm. They are located in midtown and I am in the financial district, so it took far longer than i thought it would to get there. She had left two messages on my blackberry , by the time i got out of the train station... Urgh!

Anyway, as anyone who has been in a showroom knows...everything is laid out to perfection. Whatever they had that might suit my purposes were laid out BEAUTIFULLY!! I won't bore you with the details , but I got both of the designer bags for far less than i expected to. I chose a beautiful yellow one for the wife and a wine one for the "other". Seems like chief 1 will get something after all.


Yippee, LondonG (male client living in London-LOVES designer gear with a passion) left me a message about some shopping he needs to do... YAY!! Its too late to call him back tonight, because of the time difference...but first thng tomorrow , its on. I already know what to get him, something I saw tonight in the showroom. Hmmm wonder if he still wants that messenger bag we were talking about before...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Valentines day gift options for men...

Two very lovely bloggers inspired this post...

They had questions about what to get their husband's for Valentine's day. Now thank you Favored girl and Belissima for the question that's probably on a lot of minds...

Now as a personal shopper this has got to be the number the question I get asked the most. Most people contact me for that reason and depending on what they have done in the past , I have to ask a lot of questions to know what to suggest...

My response on the other hand tends to change depending on the occasion. In this instance , lets focus on Valentines day. Ladies, it is BORING to get guys shirts for this occasion. I wouldnt want a suit for Valentine's day , would you?? I am sorry but it happens to be true. Clothes could work for Christmas, Father's day and birthdays... but during the sexiest , most romantic time of the year? I think NOT!!

Here are a few suggestions that range from free, to Luxury...
They are also not listed in any particular order...
  1. Have a romantic dinner. Yes ladies, you can set this up too. It is no longer just something a man can do. You can set those candles up, get a sitter and have a candlelight dinner with either food you have a chef cooking for you, ordered or cooked yourself (no one has to know)
  2. Same concept as above, making it more elaborate by adding on dessert (chocolate covered strawberries, chocolates or whatever tickles your fancy) in the bathtub with a large scented candle or two no other lights needed...
  3. Adding onto the above, take step this to the next level and take him to bed and take care of your man! I am sure that if you have been with him longer than a month , you know him well enough to know how to turn him on. For most women, its a bit tough to take the lead and initiate sex...this would be the right time to try. Never think about embarrassing yourself, because if I am guessing correctly, most people wait for their husbands to do the prodding... he will be too shocked to notice how nervous you are (that is if your not a professional at this already!) Oh and get out the sexy lingerie, no oversized t-shirts allowed!!
  4. Ok...all sexiness aside(as none of the above will make me a dime- LOL!!!) Now for physical gifts, I tend to do the items that are luxurious (the long sought after LV wallet, messenger bag etc), not everyday, run of the mill gifts... If he is an active individual, then get him a gift bungee jumping( I know it might be too scary for some) , 4x4 off road driving (you can do it too, I have and its FUN!!), indoor skydiving...or even get him to drive the car of his dreams (yes you can rent a porsche /ferrari /lamborghini for an hour and rock his world)... that is if he isn't already driving his dram car....The options are numerous. Just type in unusual gifts in your browser and you will be surprised at your options. If you need more help...ASK ME!!
  5. Buying your man "sexy" underwear, silk or satin pajamas ( trust me, men like it too) cologne (not my favorite, but its an option), a nice tech toy (because its something he will savor),I would even do a very jazzy tie before I did a shirt... no offence ladies, but imagine yourself taking the tie off and using it? Hey maybe I am a little selfish as I wear my hubby's they HAVE to be fierce!!
  6. Spa - yesssssssssssssssssssssss. Men do go to the spa too. The only way to get him to go would be to go with him. It might cost yo a pretty penny, but its well worth it. There are tons of places that cater to both sexes, and even give you both facials, massages, pedicures, manicures and scrubs. For men, i think the scrub and massage (you don't have to really do both) are very good choices. Don't think its nude, most times its not,(maybe semi... we prefer nude as I feel cleaner) but remember you have a choice in that matter and if you re up for it, they will be too...this is also a way to take your relationship to another level...its kind of late right now to get slots for V-day, so you might have to do it a few days after or before...
  7. Men love jewelry too...
  8. If all else fails I guess we can always go back to the shirt :)

Don't be afraid to try new things...

I don't know your men, so everything really depends on them. But surprising them , by going out of your way to do something you know they would like, even if its something you normally complain about, will take your relationship a long way. Did I mention Lapdances?? Men are really just kids at heart... they love treats. It also raises the stakes as he will feel he has to top your gift

What were the best and worst presents you got or gave someone for Valentine's day??

I gave a few of mine above obviously!! Check back later for my post on the worst!!


Sunday, January 28, 2007

The start of a new week...

Its Sunday night , about 10:07 pm E.S.T

I feel much better and cant stop beating myself up mentally for missing out on two great parties. No details, but lets just say they were frigging awesome (from what I have heard) , just my luck!!

I had a rather relaxing weekend, being sick definitely has its perks, as well as its ever present downsides. I didn't have to fill any orders (not that I didn't have any, they just aren't pressing), didn't have to take anyone out shopping, jeez I barely did grocery shopping ...YAY for me!

But for every lazy weekend, there comes a VERY busy week! In my case I think this is going to be a brutal week! After missing out on a few days of work, I am sure my work has piled up-NOT GOOD!! Valentines day is right around the corner and like every other optimistic business owner, I am seriously hoping for the absolute best!! Which means, more new clients and an even busier juggle of priorities...I LOVE IT!!

Fashion week is always the best time for every fashionista...and also the worst time for me since I have a 9-5 ...

You see , most people in the fashion industry are able to take time to go to fashion shows because they are required. They are even expensed, that's how much of a prerequisite they are... Sigh, I doubt Wall street would see it that way, and I honestly don't expect them to. But you can see my dilemma... I can only get to one or two...weekends are a plus, but the good ones are gone by that time, needless to say the parties are great, but having missed out on the shows itself, it limits the depth of my conversation ( not to say I have any problem, whatsoever finding another topic) but I would love to be a part of it and not just a nodder or smiler... especially since I always have a frigging opinion.

Here is a good example of one that I totally goofed on, I was sooo late! I was introduced to Carmen Marc Valvo , backstage at his fashion show for Fall O6, and he asked me (yeah I know, me???) what I thought of the my mind I was saying jeez what did she (my friend who introduced us) tell me the colors were ??. Since I only caught the last two models walking down the runway...all I could do was gush that it was great..."absolutely beautiful" I felt like a simpleton!! I can usually pull a lot more out of the hat than that, but conflicts abound regardless, and that usually hurts....A LOT!!

I don't aim for the shows that conflict with work, at least for now. I do have my priorities and what can I say , I am a new business owner and it is absolutely essential that I maintain and balance as much as I can- BOTH! New businesses are not known for making that big a profit in the first few years. I don't need the additional pressure, but I would love to have a clone!

Have a great week all!!
And let me know if you need help figuring out what gifts to get...that is my job you know!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sick and Tired...

Hello bloggers
Thank GOD this week is over! It was absolutely painful! I have been feeling a little off since our return trip from Maryland and it fully kicked into overdrive on Wed and I had to leave work early...didn't go in Thursday or Friday! Headaches, sore throat and a serious bodyaches that made sitting upright a pain in the ass!!

I wish the rest of the world realized I was sick such luck! One of my wealthy male clients called from Nigeria and he wanted me to pick out two lovely bags for the women in his life. It sometimes baffles me , the way polygamy is such a normal thing in Nigeria. Its also part of the reason why I won't live there anytime soon!

Client: How are you today Remi,
Remi: A little sick but , otherwise managing. How is your family doing??
Client: Very well thank you.
Remi: Did your wife like the Christmas present??
Client: She liked the one I got her , as I gave the necklace you bought to someone else.
Remi: she still doesn't know I exist and here I am still waiting for a referral so that her friends can also use my services...
Client: Don't worry, I am throwing plenty of business your way. Abi the shopping that you're doing for me no do??
( I am thinking is this going to help me grow the business if you keep it hidden?)
Remi: Are we doing any shopping for Valentines day?? Or are you going to be traveling yourself??
Client: I may be traveling but it is still up in the air, but I have sent some money down through an associate so you will be getting a call soon. Pls get me two lovely bags...I liked one of the pictures you sent me, but I don't remember who it was by...
Remi: What color was the one you liked?? I remember sending you several pictures of the upcoming spring stuff so I am not really sure which you're referring to.
Client: Eh...anyone you choose is good. You know I keep buying the same designers and I think she is getting bored with those so you can choose any of them they all looked good. But I need you to get two (here's the part I am always uncomfortable with) one for my wife and the other for my mistress...the mistress loves all of the things you have bought. (But unfortunately the mistress doesn't spend any frigging money...she waits for money to be spent on her , which is no good for me!)
Remi: OK whats the price range? (this is a question I have to ask every time I buy something for someone so I don't go out of their budget)
Client: You know I don't like to spend too much money...
Remi: That's not an answer now....500, 1000, 1500 or 2000
Client : I have sent down 2500, but I want two bags, and it also includes your fee (jeez!!)
Remi: Ok, I will see what I can do.
Client: So how are you doing??
(he tries to hit on me every single time he places an order-what a frigging creep!! You can always tell that after haggling , his tone changes and he feels I owe him something for using my services-boy has he got it twisted!!)
Remi: Everyone is fine o, my husband sends his love...
Client: Oh he there?
Remi: Yes he is. (I am at home , so where else would he be...DUH)
Client: ehen so will you have the items ready before Valentines day?? I don't want to pay for shipping but if I don't come myself, I am sure one of my friends will be coming down and will bring it back for me...
Remi: Sure just let me know when. There should be a few sample sales going on , so I will see how much I can save all depends on the timing.
Client: ehen if there is change, don't forget my Ferragamo Slippers o
Remi: You will get your invoice as usual, and I know what you usually buy if there is anything left over...
Client: Ok, I trust you...Good night o, one of these days sha maybe you will let me take you out to dinner.
Remi: Of course now, my husband has been dying to meet you (LOL that should quench his fire a bit!)
Client: (always a bit uncomfortable at this point) call me when my guy gives you the money.
Remi: Ok ... thank you. (and I hang up)

Now do you remember I said I was sick?? All through this conversation I am mentally thinking of which bag to get him while I think of the last time I used my theraflu...

Why is it acceptable to have several women in Nigeria?? I have asked him several times and he says that he HAS to have several woman for his status?!!? Since when are multiple women status symbols??

I don't get it! Not to say all the men over here in the USA are utterly faithful , but it seems like in Nigeria you leave your wife at home , go out about the town with the mistresses, and have another one for traveling... I don't get it!!

My business minded ass unfortunately, will not say no to the money, as my motto is, I can shop for anyone...however, I can not say that I don't think about it every so often....But at least in my mind , I buy the better items for the wife!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ass whooping with Style!!

Ok, so I am fashionably late...forgive me. I am sure you have noticed that my life isn't full of a lot of free time!

Last Tuesday- was at Cain NYC partying / promoting the Elitist line...

Friday - went out with Hubby to Pasha and Scores West ( yes I said Scores!!!)

Fashion week is next week! Jeez!! I am going to have to do my usual , I am going to have to double up on the caffeine intake to survive that....

I digress... Saturday drove to Maryland for a baby shower...sooooooooooooooooooo tired...

Sunday- family stuff and a client to take out...she needed a dress for her daughters wedding in the Bahamas... fortunately I didn't have to go far as she loved one of my friends designs and that made my life a WHOLE lot easier...

Monday- I feel like SHIT!! I must be coming down with something ...abi???
Tuesday- Had dinner with a client, after giving my son an ass whooping for throwing his temper tantrum 3x in one day. I was so done, took his little bob the builder boxers off and gave him too hard whacks...he went to bed appalled/crying as we have never been one to spank him a lot (never really had to...) but it has just gotten to the point where he is continuously acting up in school and acting the angel at home and around us. I do have problems with the school...and its a good thing we have interviews this week to see about another one... grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Are you tired yet???

I am...

On another note...I need to start shopping for my trip to Nigeria...urgh!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

64th Annual Golden Globe Awards....

Whew... It is 11:43pm. Definitely time to go to bed, but I felt I should make a quick entry about the fashions at the Golden Globes this year.

Metallics, which we already knew was going to be HUGE this year had a major showing on Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tracey Edmonds, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Vanessa Minnillo.

Black will always be in...slight difference was the amount of lace featured this year... notable lace ensembles include Tina Fey and Cate Blanchett wearing Alexander McQueen. Penelope Cruz was in a lovely Chanel Couture... Jennifer Lopez...always looks amazing- also in black.

Purple and varying shades....
Evangeline Lilly wearing Versace lilac... Drew Barrymore - John Galliano designing for Dior...

White was EVERYWHERE!!!
Seen on Ellen Pompeo , Cameron Diaz, Sienna Miller, Salma Hayek (not the best dress for her body in my opinon) Hayden Panetierre....

Yawn...there is more, but I am falling asleep now and will have to fill in the gaps tomorrow.

Lest I forget congratulations to Forrest Whittaker, Eddie Murphy and my girl Jennifer Hudson!! They all deserved their awards!! To African Americans everywhere...Oscars here we come!!

What were your favorite fashions and moments ??

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Balancing Act...

At about 12:30pm yesterday I received a call from my son's school. Due to the beautiful thing we call technology, I knew exactly who was calling , and was dreading it.We all know that a call from your childs school is never a good thing! This time it was the head of his school. I could hear a screaming child in the background and I cringed once I recognized that it was my son...

He was having a 4 year old melt down! ( I call that a tantrum) They couldn't calm him and when it seemed that he was only getting more and more upset, they had no choice but to call me to come and pick him up!


I was at work, in the middle of setting up a lunch for a very important meeting and I knew my husband was having such a busy day, he wouldn't be able to pick him up either... which leaves me.

Now , both of my bosses are great , honestly. However that only makes you feel even worse when things like this come up. I was told I could leave if I had to but I was absolutely FURIOUS!!

I got to his school an hour later and he was as happy as could be. I had to sit down with his teacher and the head of the school and discuss what has been happening with him. "He is smart, the sweetest boy ever, quick to try and make sure everyone is happy...but (here comes the other shoe...) they had no idea why he seemed to just throw these tantrums" I had to point out to her that they DO NOT happen at home, EVER! I personally felt that they were not firm enough with him, but how do you teach someone to be firm , if they naturally aren't that way?? I love him and dont want him to be abused, but...

I am a firm believer in discipline, I don't mean beating the shit out of them, just making sure they realize there are consequences for their actions...when he was younger and wouldn't listen when you told him not to touch something , I would give him a flick. It was never anything that would hurt a lot, just hard enough to make him react, yet not hard enough to make him cry. As he has gotten older, if i even showed him that I was about to give him a flick he would behave. Yet , here we are now... he is sure to get a spanking, I can feel it!!


My son is extremely smart and wraps everyone (except me) around his little finger. I happen to think that cute will get you NOWHERE without the right attitude. They all think he is so cute and let him get away with murder! That is how we have arrived at this problem, now it seems he knows that he can do whatever he wants without getting into trouble in school, yet he wouldn't try it at home...

Needless to say, by the time he got home. We had a very long conversation (for a 4 year old , that's about 5 minutes) and I took away everything he had gotten for Christmas and told him he wouldn't have his beloved sleepover, which a friend of mine had offered him earlier in the week. She spoke to him and we all emphasized how unhappy we were with him. He fell asleep on the floor of his room crying... when his dad got home, he ran in the opposite direction, as opposed to
running towards his father. I guess someone has realized that he has done wrong... His dad took him into his room and let us just say that this is not an event that will repeat itself again.

The problem here is that , as confident as I am that I am a GREAT mother , I did have my doubts about whether I was falling short somewhere. I mean, its obvious that he spends a lot of time in school which he absolutely LOVES, but it doesn't stop the little doubt from creeping into my mind. Yet I know the situation will not change unless I win the Lotto. I have such great plans for myself, my family and my business and the only way to do that is to juggle it all!

Why cant we have it all???

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I have never been particularly shy or timid about anything. In my opinion, that means that blogging should come naturally , right?? WRONG!! It doesn't. Why? Trying to figure out where to start from and which of the millions of things teaming through my head to write about. Motherhood? Fashion? Celebs? Work (yuck...mind you arent they all work in one form or another??) Friends, Nigeria, America, London, Love...sigh, I could be here all day!

So since I got into this by way of my darling friend Lola (that's such a common name -no offence) I know how private you are dear so dont worry , no one will know its you... I am dedicating my first blog to you. You have created a monster...