Monday, April 23, 2007

Getting The Red Carpet Treatment!

I have had one hell of a week! Definitely a good week, but also it just seemed extremely LONG!

Christy Bareijsza is the owner of The Red Carpet, and one of my newest clients! She is an amazing event planner and she constantly has one event or another to attend. Her image is important and it is now my responsibility (I LOVE THAT) , to build her wardrobe and make sure she is presenting the right image. She has to be the sweetest person I have met in a loooong time! She is very much a girl after my own heart as she believes that once she finds someone who can do their job, there is really no reason to look elsewhere. Did I mention how talented she was??

You see I like people who actually realize that I know what I am doing and let me do what I do best. It’s not an easy feat for a lot of people to simply trust another individual. I get that, honestly, I do. But it is also a tad bit frustrating when you can see that something is really going to work for a person, yet…they can not see it themselves! I am not going to act like I am also not guilty of doing the same thing. When I first met my hair stylist Hadiiya Barbel ( 4 years ago, I came to her with a set style in mind. I wanted the big afro curls that a lot of people were wearing with shades of blond. She had mentioned that it would be better if I had softer curls, but I was insistent! Needless to say, she did exactly what I wanted, and I HATED it!! I looked like Tina Turner!! No joke! Now I just sit in her chair and she decides what my next look will be. This is a relationship that has grown over the years…but it has never failed me yet. Down to my newest look – choppy bob with a streak of auburn in it! Would never have come up with that on my own - EVER!! She is really talented and has worked with so many people its ridiculous! Check out some of the people she has worked. Yup, they are all her clients. I should know since I bump into them regularly in the salon!! Tell her Remi sent you , if you ever decide to contact her!

Back to Christy…

I told her how I liked to work and found out she is one of those people who would rather not go into a store again if she could possibly avoid it. YAY!! Sounds like a match made in heaven, because if I had my way, I would be shopping everyday!

Once we figured out what are respective ideas were concerning her new look, we went through her closet trying to weed out what was needed and what was not. That took us about 2hrs, and then we hit the sample sale the very next day. Simon Showroom, which represents C+ C California, Paul and Joe, Citizens of Humanity and Elisa Coleman, was having their sale, which started that day. We were able to pick up a few things there and picked up even more at the ART OF SHOPPING sample sale in Soho on Saturday. That has to be where we did the most damage, thus far!!

She had a golf tournament to host for one of her clients and she looked like a million bucks…even if I say so myself!!

Keep looking out for THE RED CARPET ! When you see her picture on TV, you will know that’s all me!!

Did I mention I am not planning another party/dinner again?? Yup, that's Christy's job now! She really is THAT good!! I can also think about an official launch for my company mm!

As more and more people become comfortable with me blogging about them, I will mention more names. Until on and imagine who they might actually be!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Everything Jersey...

Ok, my apologies for not updating.

Work and life have been kicking my butt! It was far easier to comment on other blogs, than to update my own.

Spring is right around the corner and I wanted to talk about my latest love affair with Jersey. You see, jersey and I have always been rather fond of each other. I love it in the winter, when you can layer (I LOVE LAYERING) or in the spring when you need the sleeves, but not exactly the thickness...or in the summer when those jersey dresses make it possible to actually remail cool...

Despite the fact that I do not have an online store or anything, I tend to push a few items from time to time. Usually they are items I have fallen in love with and found to work for me and some of my clients. My company is set up to sell items as well as shopping and styling (hence the name Versatile)! Yes, I know...juggling it all!! My accountant never finds this amusing!!

Anyway here are two pictures of me rocking my latest Jersey. This and more are for sale, feel free to contact me for details. They come in every color possible , but for work, I chose blue and black. feel free to order (from me) or comment, they are $52 each discount available for multiples.

Have a great day everyone....imagine them on jeans and leggings too! The possibilities...