Sunday, July 29, 2007

Christy Bareijsza and the Versatile Shopper....7/29/07

Even if I cant blog much...I can show what I have been up to, right?

Christy Bareijsza of The Red Carpet Events is one of my best friends and an amazing event planner. Remember that you heard about her here first!! She is well on her way to the top, especially with the calibre of events that she currently has under her belt. Kindly join me in wishing her all the best in the upcoming weeks as she tackles her busiest week ever!!!

Here we are about to go out for a night on the town. Should I mention that all pictures you see of her, were styled by me?? Well, I thought that was obvious!!
What else have I been up to??
Styling and shopping of course!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Espy awards 2007!!!

I feel like every post starts with an apology...

And I realized, I needn't apologize for being busy, reading my posts half of the time you can clearly understand exactly how jam -packed life really is for me.

My client was in town again, yay for me!! Pictures should surface tomorrow of him at the ESPY awards,in L.A in which he was nominated!! I think it was for best NFL player or something like that... It will air this weekend (pls don't ask me when, I am too tired to go and check)...This time he was beautifully decked out in an amazing Tuxedo!! Black tux, black shirt (if he didn't change anything ), pocket square, traditional glossy tuxedo shoes...he looked sharp!! Very handsome...(sorry folks, but I cant give it all away...he likes his privacy!!!)

As far as celebs go, I couldn't ask for a better client. He truly is a great person and a pleasure to work with...join me in wishing him well in negotiations...

Thanks to my 2 favorite people who always make sure I have whatever I am looking for...Carl and Hope @ Paul Smith. The both of you are a pleasure to know. I am truly happy we met and I look forward to working more with the both of you. Who knows what the future may hold.
Here's to building your dreams...

For discerning individuals, the Paul Smith Fall Collection is pretty intense-seriously!! You really shouldn't miss out on it, especially since i have already put in pre-orders!! Seriously THAT good!! Make sure to ask for my people down in Soho...

As per me???

Looking for more clients, the search goes on. Pls remember there are referral fees...