Thursday, November 19, 2009


Change is something that people sometimes HATE! I on the other hand feel that change is something to look forward to...

Everything happens at a time for a reason! You might not understand why it's happening, when its happening, but when it's all over and done with, you can look back and say it was worth it!!!

There are changes happening in my life and in the lives of some people around me. And I am happy for each and every one of you! How do you feel about change? Good, Bad or don't really care?

The best is yet to come!!!

Happy Birthday LJ!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Juggle called Fashion Week!!



Hoping to juggle better...

Who am I kidding really??

Fashion Week YAY!!!!
Stay tuned folks!!!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Appreciate people NOW!

Let's not wait until people die to appreciate them!

With all of the recent deaths, people have come forward with the things that the recently departed have done for them...most people have never said half of that to them when they were alive, as they should have. Sad but true.

Love the people for who and what they are, EVERY single person in your life is there for a reason.

To everyone I have met/worked with/talked to/loved ...thank you for being there, because without each and every one of you, I doubt I would be the person I am today. Thank you!!!

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays and Mr. Love Omotola Hollist you're all in a better place now...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The rain!!!

In New York and New Jersey we have had a whole lot of RAIN!!! Sigh...It puts a big damper on EVERYTHING!!

You don't want to do anything...

You don't want to go anywhere...

Just Sleep(sex)and more Sleep...

But on a happier note, I put these few lines together and actually BLOGGED - LOL!!! I guess the rain is good for one thing - it's helping me do all the indoor stuff I need to do :-)

Stay dry everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friends and what they mean to you...

I met someone yesterday at Bergdorf Goodman. Her name was Lisa. She wanted to know if I had a lot of friends. I had to answer? Urgh, yes I have LOADS!!! She mentioned that her circle of friends was very small and sometimes non-existent. That really made me think of my friends.

I have my very best friend - my husband. That's the one person I MUST speak to on a daily basis. OK that was an understatement, make that a few times during the day. My son is another one of my dearest friends. Well maybe he doesn't get the SAME heart to heart discussions that I have with his Daddy, but his conversations are pretty deep for a 6 yr old!!!

My family doesn't fall into the friend category , but they would chew my ear off if I didn't mention them :-)as they are really close to my heart!!!

I have my friends who have known me from high school and that I have kept in touch with.

I have my college friends that watched me and were part of my growth into this outspoken, extroverted, supremely stubborn individual you see today.

I have my friends who became friends through work. This is both within fashion and before fashion.

I have the people I have met through other friends that have grown on me and have become friends too.

Let's not forget the Facebook friends and the twitter ones. Weirdly enough, with as many people as I have in my life, I still seem to find space for more. ODD!!!

All in all, my friends mean the world to me. Each and every one of them. I don't need to speak to you on a daily basis; I don't have any doubts of what they mean to me (or vice versa); I know that should I need anything they are there for me and I am there for them. We give each other advice and I mean the no bones version - REMI style; knowing that I wish for you what I wish for myself ; knowing tough love is required sometimes and not everyone can take that(but my true friends CAN). I love the fact that each one has a purpose too, from keeping me grounded to making me feel loved to giving me the hard-assed facts knowing that I can take it. Friends are meant to be that way.

However just as we have the good ones, there are some that aren't. I tend not to dwell on them too much. We can't get along with everyone...I think that would be just tooo perfect!

So on that note, my friends know who they are. Thanks for putting up with me. I love you all and you all KNOW it!!! My friends mean the world to me. What do yours mean to you?

And before you ask, some of them HATE fashion - LOL!! It really doesn't matter! Accepting your friends, differences and all is a true sign of friendship!

Hey Lisa...welcome to my circle of friends :-)

I think she will fit right in!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Gucci High Heel Iman - my latest obsession...

OK - I might be onto something here.

I can't believe I am posting AGAIN so quickly. Maybe I should start a count and see how many consecutive days I can blog for. I might even surprise myself. Maybe March may just be my month to mm!!

I just found out that the new Gucci Iman High Heels are now in stock...OMG!!!

Let's first discuss my love affair with shoes, shall we? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (OK I trust we all get the picture by now) my shoes. Er...well bags too :-). It's just one of those things that get me feeling all gooey inside. If you're a big foot girl like I am, then you KNOW that the shoe size means NOTHING, its all in the fit. An 11 in one style, might not even fit your foot in another. So here I am using myself as the happy little guinea pig :-), whatever it takes to make the client happy right? Gucci however, tends to work for me at least 85% of the time...those are pretty good odds if you ask me.

Anyway, my darling friend Alee calls me up from Gucci to tell me that the sandals I have been drooling about have husband looks at me like I am insane as he hears that I am going to check them out in this weather. What can I say? I LOVE my job!! Its research :-) Now only a handful have arrived at this point and my true size isn't one of them, but at least the 10 and half I could actually walk there is hope for me yet!!! They are GORGEOUS!!! Of course they must be at least 5 and half inches high - PERFECT!! I certainly do not need another pair of black shoes at this point, but if that's all I can get, I will take em!!! I fell in love all over again, the height, the gladiator straps covering the I gushing? Sigh...I guess so!!!

All in all the 40 and half just won't work, the half an inch would do my poor feet a world of good. For a 41, I will break the bank ...and it's truly breaking the bank at a resounding $1275 during a recession? Why must I be such a shoe fiend??

God Help me!!!!

Aleeeeeeeeee hold the 11's when they arrive in gunmetal, red or was it purple? Sigh...OK BLACK!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

To Auntie Funmie and my Lost Gucci Bag!

I got an email this morning from one of my favorite Aunts in London. Auntie Funmie wanted to know why I hadn't blogged in awhile. Her exact words were "I check everyday and nothing" as she is used to seeing a blog from me at least once a month (ouch). Where some people blog more consistently (like Folake Huntoon :) ) me, I can barely pull the monthly blurb off - LOL! Sad , I know... Folake, someone needs LESSONS!!!

So, I decided to devote this one to her:)

Updates ....

December was the craziest time for me with Christmas shopping for clients, gift fulfilling and the birth of my new nephew, I had my hands FULL!!

Come January, I was trying to catch up and trying to set myself up for the year. Sounds easy...sooooo NOT!!! My husband was out of town for about 3 weeks which meant, I was juggling ALL by myself. And I was sooooooo looking forward to FASHION WEEK. Thinking back I can only groan!!!

This was supposed to be a super exciting week for me. One of my celebrity clients was coming to town, had two photo shoots lined up...all exciting stuff right??


First my client canceled , no brainer there... The client is always right. And there was always a fifty-fifty chance that he may or may not show up. So, I just took that in stride and looked forward to the rest of the week.

Well bad stroke number 2...

As I am leaving the tents after the Domenico Vacca Show I realize I was missing one of my three bags - the most important one, my hand bag!! Now if you know me, you know my bags are always big and have everything PLUS the kitchen sink in it! This day was no different! I was literally in tears!! If at any point in time you saw me during fashion week at the tents and I wasn't my usual bubbly self, now you know why! I was DEVASTATED!!! 2 shows and that was it! Every time I went back to the tents after that it was to check if anything turned up or to the command center to find out if anything turned up on the cameras...I think I probably attended one more show on the last day, but my heart was no longer in it.


Through it all , I learned that New York's finest are actually the best people to turn to when you have problems. The policemen were truly the best. As I was crying my eyes out and feeling the worst...they totally pulled it together. Between the police , my hubby , Ava and Rain...phew, they pulled ME together.

Rain darling, I owe you a total apology for turning your trip down here into a police station hangout session...I missed not getting my hair done and all the shows and parties. I am truly sorry!! But I love you so much for being the shoulder I cried on through it all. I will NEVER forget that. With me its the little things.

As they say , what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. For the people that know the details, you know it was more than just a bag. But I can't really talk too much about it because the investigation is still underway.


Since I know I am not the only one who has lost a bag before. Tell me your story. What did you lose? Trust me, no one's could be as bad as mine.

Thanks to everyone that helped and especially to my hubby for understanding.
Detective Ann Guerin...THANKS!!!!