Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Gucci High Heel Iman - my latest obsession...

OK - I might be onto something here.

I can't believe I am posting AGAIN so quickly. Maybe I should start a count and see how many consecutive days I can blog for. I might even surprise myself. Maybe March may just be my month to change...hm mm!!

I just found out that the new Gucci Iman High Heels are now in stock...OMG!!!

Let's first discuss my love affair with shoes, shall we? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (OK I trust we all get the picture by now) my shoes. Er...well bags too :-). It's just one of those things that get me feeling all gooey inside. If you're a big foot girl like I am, then you KNOW that the shoe size means NOTHING, its all in the fit. An 11 in one style, might not even fit your foot in another. So here I am using myself as the happy little guinea pig :-), whatever it takes to make the client happy right? Gucci however, tends to work for me at least 85% of the time...those are pretty good odds if you ask me.

Anyway, my darling friend Alee calls me up from Gucci to tell me that the sandals I have been drooling about have arrived...my husband looks at me like I am insane as he hears that I am going to check them out in this weather. What can I say? I LOVE my job!! Its research :-) Now only a handful have arrived at this point and my true size isn't one of them, but at least the 10 and half I could actually walk in...so there is hope for me yet!!! They are GORGEOUS!!! Of course they must be at least 5 and half inches high - PERFECT!! I certainly do not need another pair of black shoes at this point, but if that's all I can get, I will take em!!! I fell in love all over again, the height, the gladiator straps covering the ankle...am I gushing? Sigh...I guess so!!!

All in all the 40 and half just won't work, the half an inch would do my poor feet a world of good. For a 41, I will break the bank ...and it's truly breaking the bank at a resounding $1275 during a recession? Why must I be such a shoe fiend??

God Help me!!!!

Aleeeeeeeeee hold the 11's when they arrive in gunmetal, red or was it purple? Sigh...OK BLACK!!!!

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Jackie E. said...

Those shoes are HOT HOT HOT!!! But 5 1/2ins tho??? I think I would fall over before I even got up, lol!!