Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friends and what they mean to you...

I met someone yesterday at Bergdorf Goodman. Her name was Lisa. She wanted to know if I had a lot of friends. I had to answer? Urgh, yes I have LOADS!!! She mentioned that her circle of friends was very small and sometimes non-existent. That really made me think of my friends.

I have my very best friend - my husband. That's the one person I MUST speak to on a daily basis. OK that was an understatement, make that a few times during the day. My son is another one of my dearest friends. Well maybe he doesn't get the SAME heart to heart discussions that I have with his Daddy, but his conversations are pretty deep for a 6 yr old!!!

My family doesn't fall into the friend category , but they would chew my ear off if I didn't mention them :-)as they are really close to my heart!!!

I have my friends who have known me from high school and that I have kept in touch with.

I have my college friends that watched me and were part of my growth into this outspoken, extroverted, supremely stubborn individual you see today.

I have my friends who became friends through work. This is both within fashion and before fashion.

I have the people I have met through other friends that have grown on me and have become friends too.

Let's not forget the Facebook friends and the twitter ones. Weirdly enough, with as many people as I have in my life, I still seem to find space for more. ODD!!!

All in all, my friends mean the world to me. Each and every one of them. I don't need to speak to you on a daily basis; I don't have any doubts of what they mean to me (or vice versa); I know that should I need anything they are there for me and I am there for them. We give each other advice and I mean the no bones version - REMI style; knowing that I wish for you what I wish for myself ; knowing tough love is required sometimes and not everyone can take that(but my true friends CAN). I love the fact that each one has a purpose too, from keeping me grounded to making me feel loved to giving me the hard-assed facts knowing that I can take it. Friends are meant to be that way.

However just as we have the good ones, there are some that aren't. I tend not to dwell on them too much. We can't get along with everyone...I think that would be just tooo perfect!

So on that note, my friends know who they are. Thanks for putting up with me. I love you all and you all KNOW it!!! My friends mean the world to me. What do yours mean to you?

And before you ask, some of them HATE fashion - LOL!! It really doesn't matter! Accepting your friends, differences and all is a true sign of friendship!

Hey Lisa...welcome to my circle of friends :-)

I think she will fit right in!!!!


Jackie E. said...

And you can add one more to that list too:)

Remi Fagbohun said...

And Vice versa...
Have a fabulous weekend!