Sunday, October 19, 2008



Getting dressed is something we all do, that is unless you live in a nudist colony. But despite the fact that we all do it, HOW we do it varies. I have always been a huge fan of accessories (handbags, belts, sunglasses, necklaces, cocktail rings, earrings, cuffs, bangles..I have an endless list!) and they are an important part of my wardrobe.

So, why accessorize? Well, the obvious answer would be because you want to stand out, which is absolutely RIGHT!! My motto is Image is Everything and as such I want to make sure I always make the right impression. I don't wear an outfit without fully accessorizing the entire look. There is a big difference between wearing a simple black dress without accessories (you might look like you’re in mourning or attending a funeral) and wearing the same black dress with an AMAZING belt, a brooch (I am currently in LOVE with them) and a pair of killer pumps…sigh, I could go on and on with so many different variations!! It also makes your closet seem bigger than it really is. How? Well imagine wearing this same black dress with a chunky gold statement necklace, gold studs (never pair statement necklaces with elaborate earrings, doing that = OVERKILL!!!), bare legs with a lovely pair of hot colored pumps (I love purple right now, it could change in a month, lol) this is one look. Look 2 – same black dress, this time with a big colored belt, elaborate silver earrings (lacking in elaborate? Try big hoops), a brooch and boots…I could go on and on. But the point is your options are limitless as long as you have enough accessories to play around with.

Should I talk about shoes? Nah…that would be a really LONG post – LOL!!!

Anyway before I go totally off topic (I do have that bad habit at times) let me give the men out there a quick tip too. Guys, invest in some unique cuff links, funky bow ties/ties (you need a LOT of colorful ties to stand out) tie pins/clips (two different things that do the same job but achieve different looks), pocket squares, socks, an assortment of belts (don’t say one in black and one in brown is enough, or that you can wear the same belt for denim on slacks. The more effort you put into it, the better you will look. And women love to see a man who is put together …it leaves an impression.

What are your favorite accessories and why?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Image is Everything!!

Tony Hsieh and Aaron Magness of Zappos.

One of the major disadvantages of long weekends...SLOW STARTS!! I feel like it takes longer to get my act together!

Now besides working on international shopping and shipping for my clients (and the rest of the world) outside of the USA, I have also been busy working on updating my own company image, sigh like I am not busy enough!!

I feel that in order to grow, you must be able to learn from your mistakes - right? So as I am revamping everything, I had to think of every single complaint or comment I had received in the past 3 years. Now its not like take every single comment to heart...but I do try and weigh comments against what I want and if they make any kind of sense - that's the only way NOT to become narrow-minded.

Now when I chose my plastic cards, I knew I wanted them to stand out. Are they unique? Totally and they said exactly what I wanted them to say...Style. I wanted something that showed it without opening my mouth and it definitely achieved that. But what it didn't do was tell people how I could help them(list of services) and some people even after looking at my card, still asked for my email address. Funny right? Not to me...all of that is going to change.

How often do you change your image?? I think that both professionally and personally, its very necessary. My image and wardrobe has changed dramatically in less than a year. Why? As an employee , I dressed down to work to make sure that I was appropriate to where I was in the corporate world. How would you feel if your assistant dressed better than you?? I got fired once for this and obviously learned a valuable lesson from it. So in this case...I kept the fabulousity for after hours.

Now that I am running my own ship - I can truly be me. And trust me, I dress accordingly and so should you!!!

Have a fabulous day everyone and stay tuned to the unveiling of the new improved Versatile Shopper.

Image is everything

P.S I am working on a few things with zappos. That's also why the website has to change. Above is a picture with me and the zappos men. Thanks Tony and Aaron for squeezing me into your busy schedule.
Go Zappos!!!