Sunday, November 9, 2008

What does "married " look like?

I have been in Nigeria for almost 2 weeks now and I can't wait to get home!!!

I hate apologizing for lapses, so I won’t. But please know, that I know I should have …but been rather busy to do it.

I am up ridiculously late because I am finishing up a proposal…but I took a break to reminisce on my day. Had an impromptu show on Channels TV to attend (thanks to Mr. Debola Williams for thinking of me) and later went to a friend of a friend’s birthday party at a private residence. The celebrant walked over to me and we started talking. As is usual for me, I steer the conversation towards my family and what I do (I never want people to get the wrong impression)…his first comment is you don’t look married! I get this comment a lot and its part of why I am blogging this late at night.

What does “married” look like??

Since I deal with image, I cannot act like I don’t know what people mean when they say this. I have been very quick to point out that the women of today are not like the women of old. But as a wife myself I know it isn’t easy to look great all the time and be a wife, mother, daughter and business owner or worker. It’s much easier to do when you’re single because your focus is only on yourself. Once you get married, it’s so easy to fall into the ”why bother” phase. I mean you’re already married right? No point to get all dolled up for the man, right? WRONG!!!! If anything, this is the time when it’s even more crucial to keep your body looking right and stay on top of yourself as well as your family. Is it easy? HELL no! It’s actually easier to let it all go!! I have never liked the easy way out so I would rather keep myself looking the best I can, while I am still able to do so…I am known to be very STUBBORN!

Now men, this isn’t just for the ladies though. A lot of men that used to work out don’t anymore…and a lot of flat tummies of old which have disappeared are often blamed on the cooking of the good wife. Mind you, if you don’t cook, you’re an awful wife! Sharp dressing…out the window. Marriage is tough enough on its own without adding the additional changes that come due to lack of foresight or certain nonchalance to staying attractive for your spouse. So newlyweds don’t say you weren’t told…and for others who are in this rut and are trying to get out of it…CALL ME!! We can schedule a consultation!

Have a great week everyone!