Thursday, December 11, 2008

November and my birthday...

There are often some serious decisions that need to be made and emotions sometimes hold us back from making the right decisions. This last trip to Nigeria was one of such times. My calendar is often FULL of a few things going on at any given time from work (its fashion and entertainment so that means events) to personal and family events(my birthday, my son's birthday, charity events and school events)Its a constant juggle. Why? Well, you never want to let anyone down. I love being a mother,wife and fashionista...but sometimes I have to make decisions that I HATE!!

There were a couple of meetings that I KNEW had to happen before the end of the year. Traveling to Nigeria for Christmas wouldn't work because of our son's school calendar and our holiday obligations, so that meant I needed to go BEFORE the holidays. Here's the problem...we were already in October, my son's birthday was coming up, as well as mine and I was also cooking for thanksgiving and I usually take him to all of the parade's and trick or treating - HELP!!!

Now I have to talk about my husband for a second. He is absolutely AMAZING!! He is my best friend, my business partner, my fashion sounding board...and my biggest supporter!! He encouraged me to go and soothed my fears (yes I have them too) told me there would plenty of birthdays to come... I love my Husband. He makes me feel very fortunate to have him!!!

With that in mind, I booked the trip!

A lot of my work is done well in advance and its simply about finalizing things which is always a good thing.

Anyway...I have to say my thank you's to my friends in Nigeria who always make me feel welcome...Tola, Titi, Bukky, Ebi, Niyi, Bodunrin, Morin and Dolapo. We have been through so much together I am so happy to have had you as friends for the past 10+ years!!!

To my new friends...Nobs, Jibbs, Dayo and the rest who know exactly who they are - thank you for even understanding me and caring enough to know about me and attend my birthday really made me smile - THANKS!!!

Enjoy the pictures.

All at my birthday dinner.Thanks to my darling Tola for organizing this for me. Love you LOADS!! Thanks to everyone who attended too :-)

A day in my life, the Nigerian version filmed for Nigeria International while on this trip. Here we are in Emmy Collin's Store looking through some of his new gear.

Joy and I...We have our work cut out for us come 2009 darling...I cant wait!!!

Mr Taj Adepetu and I...Its a good thing I have a thick skin. this meeting was long overdue! Thanks!!

Chenna and I...I'm sad we didn't meet sooner. I enjoyed meeting you and can't wait till you get here next week!!!

D-1 and I , Thanks Dayo for taking the time to meet with me...I learned A LOT!!

Tammz and I after the M.I album release party

Tola, Dolapo, Me and Titi - No. 10 V.I, Lagos

All of us at Bodunrin and Lola's wedding...