Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sick and Tired...

Hello bloggers
Thank GOD this week is over! It was absolutely painful! I have been feeling a little off since our return trip from Maryland and it fully kicked into overdrive on Wed and I had to leave work early...didn't go in Thursday or Friday! Headaches, sore throat and a serious bodyaches that made sitting upright a pain in the ass!!

I wish the rest of the world realized I was sick such luck! One of my wealthy male clients called from Nigeria and he wanted me to pick out two lovely bags for the women in his life. It sometimes baffles me , the way polygamy is such a normal thing in Nigeria. Its also part of the reason why I won't live there anytime soon!

Client: How are you today Remi,
Remi: A little sick but , otherwise managing. How is your family doing??
Client: Very well thank you.
Remi: Did your wife like the Christmas present??
Client: She liked the one I got her , as I gave the necklace you bought to someone else.
Remi: she still doesn't know I exist and here I am still waiting for a referral so that her friends can also use my services...
Client: Don't worry, I am throwing plenty of business your way. Abi the shopping that you're doing for me no do??
( I am thinking is this going to help me grow the business if you keep it hidden?)
Remi: Are we doing any shopping for Valentines day?? Or are you going to be traveling yourself??
Client: I may be traveling but it is still up in the air, but I have sent some money down through an associate so you will be getting a call soon. Pls get me two lovely bags...I liked one of the pictures you sent me, but I don't remember who it was by...
Remi: What color was the one you liked?? I remember sending you several pictures of the upcoming spring stuff so I am not really sure which you're referring to.
Client: Eh...anyone you choose is good. You know I keep buying the same designers and I think she is getting bored with those so you can choose any of them they all looked good. But I need you to get two (here's the part I am always uncomfortable with) one for my wife and the other for my mistress...the mistress loves all of the things you have bought. (But unfortunately the mistress doesn't spend any frigging money...she waits for money to be spent on her , which is no good for me!)
Remi: OK whats the price range? (this is a question I have to ask every time I buy something for someone so I don't go out of their budget)
Client: You know I don't like to spend too much money...
Remi: That's not an answer now....500, 1000, 1500 or 2000
Client : I have sent down 2500, but I want two bags, and it also includes your fee (jeez!!)
Remi: Ok, I will see what I can do.
Client: So how are you doing??
(he tries to hit on me every single time he places an order-what a frigging creep!! You can always tell that after haggling , his tone changes and he feels I owe him something for using my services-boy has he got it twisted!!)
Remi: Everyone is fine o, my husband sends his love...
Client: Oh he there?
Remi: Yes he is. (I am at home , so where else would he be...DUH)
Client: ehen so will you have the items ready before Valentines day?? I don't want to pay for shipping but if I don't come myself, I am sure one of my friends will be coming down and will bring it back for me...
Remi: Sure just let me know when. There should be a few sample sales going on , so I will see how much I can save all depends on the timing.
Client: ehen if there is change, don't forget my Ferragamo Slippers o
Remi: You will get your invoice as usual, and I know what you usually buy if there is anything left over...
Client: Ok, I trust you...Good night o, one of these days sha maybe you will let me take you out to dinner.
Remi: Of course now, my husband has been dying to meet you (LOL that should quench his fire a bit!)
Client: (always a bit uncomfortable at this point) call me when my guy gives you the money.
Remi: Ok ... thank you. (and I hang up)

Now do you remember I said I was sick?? All through this conversation I am mentally thinking of which bag to get him while I think of the last time I used my theraflu...

Why is it acceptable to have several women in Nigeria?? I have asked him several times and he says that he HAS to have several woman for his status?!!? Since when are multiple women status symbols??

I don't get it! Not to say all the men over here in the USA are utterly faithful , but it seems like in Nigeria you leave your wife at home , go out about the town with the mistresses, and have another one for traveling... I don't get it!!

My business minded ass unfortunately, will not say no to the money, as my motto is, I can shop for anyone...however, I can not say that I don't think about it every so often....But at least in my mind , I buy the better items for the wife!!!


undressed*polaroid said...

Nigerian men and the mistress thing, I still dont get it and I probably never will.

Kemi said...

This warmed my heart on a cold London day. Please continue to buy better things for the wife :) It has become so acceptable to be part of a larger relationship with more than 2 people involved. I used to think it was people my mother's age that had become so accepting of it but people my age and younger also turn a blind eye. If every man knows that his wife will not kick his philandering ass to the kerb, what deterrent is there? One friend said, “We just have to continue to pray about it” As I am so sure God is to busy to come down and kick your husband/partner for you, I am not sure why they do not face the issues. We accept it, they continue to do it. The vicious cycle continues. But then again, all this is easier said than done!

undressed*polaroid said...

hope ur feeling better

Bluntremi said...

@undressed...We will never know or understand it.
@Kemi I haver come to realize that the women arent given much choice because of the society they are in. People over there make it seem like is absolutely normal! There are even a few who actually live out here and turn a blind eye... It has lot to do with the women and how they have been conditioned to think about the marriage, and their children. Their happiness is not the issue, keeping the marriage together is more pressing!!
Lets be grateful for where we are and the fact we dont have to put up with THAT mich nonsense.

Justme said...

Hello there, just discovered your blog........its interesting. Your job sounds like so much fun, would like to know more about about it will you?

Bluntremi said...

@Just me...
Thanks for the comment.
What would you like to know? Email me directly if you have a question as I can never divulge too much due to the privacy of my clients and how personal this really gets. I would love to hear from you though so its
If I can figure a way to make this all sound right without divulging too much information , I will blog about it...sigh its just that there is sooooo much to say!!

Bluntremi said...

P.S forgive the typos in this post, I just read the whole"sick and tired" and realized I must have been asleep when i wrote it!!

bibi said...

it doesnt happen only in nigeria...its global....american men have kids by 5-6 might be a bit more prominent in nigeria...but i believe ALL men are the same regardless of ethnicity