Friday, March 30, 2007

My process...

Happy Friday everyone!

This post is dedicated to 9jamommy and Omara (lol) ...

The end of the week for most people means rest and relaxation… for me its usually a sign of more work – LOL!!

This post stems from the recurring question that I have been getting from a few bloggers (ok, not just bloggers/friends/would be clients…you get the jist of it)

How does my process work??

Well, it all depends on the client.

If you are thinking of using my services, you must have internet access and a phone. Why? Well, its tough enough shopping for people, but communication is the key to making it more successful.

If this is established, then here are the steps below.

Fill out a profile. Now for bloggers that want to stay anonymous, you don’t have to worry about that, your privacy is something that I value and will not disclose. The profile is rather simple, it tells me a bit more about you, your general sizes(across varying designers), body type, max/min per purchase, favorite designers, likes and dislikes etc. You fill it out and return it to me.

Then we chat via phone to discuss which of my package options you prefer. The packages are also rather simple. Either account based (where there is a direct debit taken out of your account to support your shopping habit – LOL) or a sort of pay as you go option (I want to spend 500 right now, what can I get for that etc)

Once we have decided what you want to do, I send you a few options that I think might work for you based on our conversation. These are all pictures that I have taken in the store or have ...

Now we get to the money part. I do not purchase anything for anyone without having their money (for first timers a deposit) first. Sorry folks, but I have to protect myself too! You have multiple ways of getting it across to me. Either you give me your credit card info (I have a credit card machine), send me a check, or wire the money to me. There are also simple ways of merely depositing into an account (more details later – can’t put everything online!!!)

Once we have this all sorted out, we discuss your shipping options versus people going to naija/eurpope. I tend to prefer to ship (its far more reliable). But people sometimes have relatives coming over who also help them carry their items back – I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT!!!

Now for people within the tri-state area, its a lot simpler. i still need you to fill out the profile, but we can meet in person to figure the rest out, which cuts short the process drastically. when I take people out shopping (I do that too), I have an hourly rate. To style you for an event…it all depends on if I am doing the shopping as well. I do not “double charge” my clients.

Do you shop for everyone?
Yes I do. Man, woman and child.

Are the items authentic?
Yes, I have always had very high standards. My reputation is very important to me. A lot of people want to save money buying asking for high quality replicas. I am sorry, but I am not the girl for you. That is my reputation on the line and I have worked hard to build it, not looking to wreck it for a few bucks!!

Do I ship?
Yes I do, DHL preferably (I also have their account), but we can use any method you are comfortable with as long as I can track it.
If you can afford it and if it is a large enough (shopping for the whole family) or expensive enough item (such as a Rolex - no one will carry that!!), I will bring it to you. Obviously you cover the travel expenses. Same applies if I am styling you outside of NYC and you need me to be present.

Do I also sell items?
Yes I do.

Is there a max/min to start with??

Yes, when I take people out shopping, the minimum is 3 hrs. Very little can be done in under that amount of time.

When shopping for people from afar, there isnt a minimum. However, it would make no sense if your shipping costs outweigh your purchases. It would make absolutely no sense...

Any other questions, feel free to ask!
Referrals from bloggers and bloggers get a discount. Just mention it.
Thanks everyone - have a great weekend!!


9jamommy said...

Awww...all this just for me? :) all definitely sounds very interesting... just one more question, for those of us outside the states, what happens if an item doesn't fit? for instance my size is different accross different labels, so you do you actually take bust, hip ...measurements?....I'm so dead, I'm going to be so broke, this is way easier than I

Omara said...

I asked for this info before 9jamommy! Anyway, nothing spoil. So how do you get paid?

Finally, my animal print shoes from Portugal, though they are by Zara (highstreet UK brand), see them here:

Bluntremi said...

@ 9jamommy…it is much easier than you think. It is also loads of fun. Because unlike your friends who may not really tell you the truth, it’s actually my job to make sure you’re looking your best and getting the best deals.
Now regarding your comment on sizes, you are right. Even I wear different sizes for different clothes. Your measurements are always welcome…but in all honesty, that only helps when an outfit is being made for you. Those measurements do not convert over here as we still have to go by sizes.
I accept returns and credit your account. Most people in Naija that I shop for tend to forego this option because of the shipping and either sell it, or give it away. I cannot credit your account without receiving the item back with all tags still attached, and within a month. That’s the best I can do if they were bought in a store, if they were from a sample sale, it’s a little tougher. But regardless, I try to make sure all of my clients are happy.

@ Omara…my dear, no vex. I have corrected it kia kia!LOL!That’s what happens when you do too many things at once. My to-do list gets longer and longer. I am not sure if anything ever leaves the list!!! But yes, this is a topic I have been meaning to blog about for awhile now, but …not enough hours in the day and my brain can only retain sooooo much. Needless to say, it is sometimes more fun to read other blogs, than to post on my own!

To answer your question, I charge a fee. It varies depending on the service that I am offering. But you will always know your costs up front. When I save, I pass it on to you and you save (which is why it works for most people), unlike other people who will buy it on sale and sell it to you at full price – you get it at the price I paid for. Why?? I am shoppping for you - thats my job!
...part of the reason i get hired is most people have no time to do it or the patience to wait for the sales or dont even hear about it!

Anonymous said...

oh!! tell me i am dreaming! you get paid to shop!! a dream job!
i already have a personal shopper and she will kill me if she found out 'i cheated on her" but i will try and contact you. thanks for stopping by my blog.

In my head and around me said...

okay, you just answered almost all my unasked question. I have one more remaining though: What's the price range. I realise that is dependent on individual taste, but I need to know how low we can go. I will get asked that question when I spread the word.

Omara said...

Good girl! Well done for correcting the error! LOL! It all sounds really great. I've never used a personal shopper before but I just may not have a choice if I want to avoid the constant disaster that my shopping experiences are. I need a co-ordinated wardrobe - there are too many 'stand alone' pieces in there that do not go with anything else! Help!

Bluntremi said...

@in my min...however if we are shipping, we would need for it to make sense to warrant that. Rememember its my job to help save, not be more expensive!! thanks in advance for spreading the word, referrals from you, guarantee you gifts as well...i am not joking!!

Every referal I get from a friend, means they get something from me, either some free shopping time or something i have bought specifically for you. And i dont do cheap!!! So go figure...

@Omara...wardrobe re-alignment (thats what I like to call it) is just as much fun, because we get rid of some of the stuff and build around the rest. I am in London often enough so we have to schedule your visit too! A lot can also be done from afar - let me know when you are ready to start!

Lady A said...

Ummmm, well, well, well. We might need to hook up and YES, I'm in the tri state area. Once I get my real estate license, I will def keep you in mind. When I sell these houses, I want to make a serious positive statement. Classy, conservative, yet sexy and elegant. I want to dress one of a kind. Keep me in mind hon.

Favoured Girl said...

You def have the best job in the world!

Justme said...

It seems like you only help people shop for expensive or designer stuff. what if i want stuff from "normal" stores like forever 21, bebe & so on.

Justme said...

I miss those stores. Im in naija @ the moment.

Anonymous said...

this is quite interesting... happy easter

Bluntremi said...

@ everyone...thx for commenting!!
@ Just me...yes we can shop at Bebe, H&M, Club Monaco...wherever you want to be honest. But it has to be a decent amount for it to make sense. buying one item (H&M prices) and the ship for more. SO contact me so we can discuss. Thx for visiting!