Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grown Women

A very good friend of mine sent this to me and I immediately thought of posting it on blogger as it made me feel really good and I felt it might help others.

I am dedicating this particular post to all of my "GROWN WOMEN" and to my "GIRLS"out there. You have to once be a girl, to become a grown woman. Its hard , but it can be done! I am proof of that.

Grown Women

Girls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans.
Grown women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where he fits

Girls want to control the man in their life.
Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling.

Girls check you for not calling them.
Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't.

Girls are afraid to be alone.
Grown women revel in it-using it as a time for personal growth.

Girls ignore the good guys.
Grown women ignore the bad guys.

Girls make you come home.
Grown women make you want to come home.

Girls worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their man.
Grown women know that they are pretty and/or good enough for any man.

Girls try to monopolize all their man's time (i.e., don't want him hanging with his friends).
Grown women realize that a lil' bit of space makes the 'together time' even more special-and goes to kick it with her own friends.

Girls think a guy crying is weak. Grown women offer their shoulder and a tissue.

Girls want to be spoiled and 'tell' their man so.
Grown women 'show' him and make him comfortable enough to reciprocate without fear of losing his 'manhood'.

Girls get hurt by one man and make all men pay for it.
Grown women know that that was just one man.

Girls fall in love and chase aimlessly after the object of their affection, ignoring all 'signs'.
Grown women know that sometimes the one you love, don't always love you back-and move on, without bitterness.

Girls will read this and get an attitude. Grown women will read this and pass it on to other Grown women and their male friends".

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
This is wonderful! We need to teach our young ladies to be grown women.
I didn't ask to be a Queen, but if the crown fits. . .

What do you think??? I am Very much a grown woman and proud of it. I know who I am and what I am worth. Do you?? We need more women to empower each other...pls feel free to comment :)


Ms. May said...

I loved this. I think I've seen it somewhere before. It is so true though and seeing that really made me realize that I was grown maybe way before I should have been, you know? I love the one about knowing that he's yours and doesn't need controlling. I am in a long distance relationship and couldn't imagine wondering every second of every minute what he is doing...I'd go nuts! So I know he's mine, trust he's mine and trust that he knows what he's got as well. I've always been told I was grown before my time but today I hereby OFFICIALLY declare myself GROWN. LOL.

Great blog by the way. I'm a bit of a fashionista as are my thing actually so I love reading all the gist about what you do. I also admire the fact that you seem to be doing it all. How do you do it? LOL.

Omara said...

Nice, nice, nice... a similar sort of theme on my latest post so I guess I'm a grown woman too - or at least a growing one.

Bluntremi said...

@ Ms May - thx for visiting. My husband and I also dated long distance for about a year and I honestly believe it helped our relationship.
How do I do it? I honestly dont know ...I just do it and dont think about it!
Re: shoes, have you checked out the gallery section on my might find something there...
Thx for the lovely comment, pls comment again soon!

@Omara darling, thx again, will go check out your post now!!

ziariz said...

Really nice but i am not sure if i am a grown woman ... sometimes when you repeatedly experience heartbreak and pain, you tend to get bitter and insecure.... it's not easy... and many times i struggle with trusting completely, so i applaud you women for rising above all this and being women of strength. I have lost hope in the credibility of an honest relationship...

Bluntremi said...

@ Ziariz…I would be a liar if I said to you that all of my relationships have been happy, stress- free and blissful. They haven’t been, not in the least! I have been cheated on too, I have been turned down by guys …hey, to each its own. My life has been full of ups and downs and to be honest. Regarding relationships, I didn’t intend to get married in the first place. Why?? My teenage years were spent in Nigeria, and I didn’t like seeing how women were treated over there. I saw how women were treated (especially by my dad) and had no intention of putting myself through it.

Fast forward to now. What has changed in this picture? I am very much married, I have a child and I am doing all of the things that I love, despite everything I have been through! Am I deluding myself – HARDLY! I am living a “grown” life having learned from every single one of my past mistakes/dalliances/relationships…everything. I am NOT bitter, at all! I am a very happy person, who knows that there is a possibility that all of this could change tomorrow. If it does change I will deal with it, and move on. But I am not staying awake at night worrying about it, life is way too short.

Believe in yourself and know that you can be happy too. Take time out for yourself after each relationship you have and think about what you may/may not have done in the relationship that you may need to leave behind in the next one. When you are fully over that relationship, then get into another one. If you are bitter, you will not be able to enter into another relationship and be happy, the baggage will be a third party in it, and we all know three is a crowd ...

Lady A said...

That's HOTT! I'll be sending my friends that. However, I wish the author would have used, "lady" instead of "grown woman", but we get the point. This pretty much put me in check. Sometimes you can get loose yourself in marriage, job, children, etc...then you start being that whiny girl instead of a strong lady/woman. I'm guilty of that.

yellow ibo girl said...

Im not a not yet a woman....haha! who knew Britanny Spears had a point with that awful song! According to this post im somewhere inbetween girlhood and womanhood. And its a hell of a transition...I will try and embrace it now though, looks like theres lots to look forward to!

thanks for that...made me smile XX

Bluntremi said...

@ Lady A...thx for visiting. I didnt write the piece, and agree the term "lady" would have been better, but there is such a thing as creative freedom...LOL!! You're more "grown" than you know if you can own up to your faults!!!

@yellow... you are absolutely RIGHT! It is a very painful transition...but you will definitely be better for it and have something to look forward to. Knowing yourself and having enough confidence in who you are will make it easier. Thx for visiting my page :)

Confused Naija Girl said...

yib has a point. That awful britney song sums up how i feel sometimes! i have seen that email before and it really got me thinking. I think I am constantly evolving and one day I will truly get to the point i want to be.

dolly said...

great post.......I'm sending it to ma friends

tanx for sharing