Wednesday, February 7, 2007

NYC Fashion week...


I have slept approximately 3hrs as I type this, I am still reeling from my packed day yesterday , too numb to think of the ones prior to that! Narciso Rodriguez's show was last night at Cedar Lake, Jax Lorette launched her Tshirt line at the Night Hotel and mind you , this is all after a full day of work!!


Got off work at 6pm -

Rushed home to cook dinner , ok - so I cheated...heated leftovers (Jollof rice is great 2 days later you know!!) - 6:45

Dinner served and planted in front of my son ... started to get ready - 7:15

Hit the Holland Tunnel @ 7:30

Looking for parking....yikes its 7:53pm

parking.... parking... parking in NYC is such a bitch!!! ok got a spot!!

Have you heard about the friggin weather?? No way to be cute and warm at the same time, I love my health and cannot afford to be sick!! So I opted for fashionably WARM!! Wasn't looking my hottest, but I made sure I carried my Balenciaga bag which will pick ANYTHING up!!

parked two blocks away....2 NYC blocks....THAT'S FAR!!!

Got in and even had time to catch a drink with my friend backstage (trust me I got in via a friend, not going to lie about knowing the designer if I don't!!).... she was covering the show and is always a GODSEND as she covers them all outside of Bryant Park.

Show must have started at about 8:45pm. That's what I get for rushing. Didn't get the best seat, but at least I wasn't standing!

Hmm, details??

Black, black and white, black and off-white (called bone this season) the few splashes of color he had were in blue, and silver (got to look through the pictures again) Loved the floor length coats he in Bone one in white...I guess they just looked so cosy and warm!! Skinny pants aren't going ANYWHERE!! They don't fit all body types, but hey...that's life!

Picked up one of my dearest friends... YAY!!

Jax Lorrette is a cool designer that I reached out to last year. I missed her show in Sept but kept in touch with her so we were invited to her bash. She launched her new t-shirt line and was having a party @ the Night Hotel. Very cute T's!!

Left there @ 10:45 metered parking - NYC grief...hit Pre:Post...I was starving!! Had a jalapeno Pizza - not bad... more friends caught up with us, ended up @ Cain...

Got home at 2:30...had a meeting with the teachers at our son's school - 7am , which means I was up MAD EARLY!!

Final decision, he is leaving the school, I have tried it ALL - another post for another day, I haven't the energy to get into it right now, honestly!!

Signing out at 11:40pm Wed - and this is a skeletal post!! No pictures as I am too lazy to get up to upload...

I can hear my hubby asleep already, he wonders how the HECK I am able to juggle it all. Honestly I DON'T KNOW!!

Next will be the valentine gift options for blenders pls!!


In my head and around me said...

That was just a day? Reads more like a week. Take am easy o!

Kemi said...

I will no longer complain about exhaustion. Was tired just reading about your day? I salute una.

Update please with the vals gifties for girls. Make sure you include handbags and more handbags :)

Ms zee said...

... and I say my life is hard... Good job!!!!

Angela said...

WOW! Good job Remi. I will just continue rooting for you just to encourage you. You can do it and you will do it.
About your little one, i suspect it's just a phase so pls relax and don't stress about it

Mamarita said...

You need pink pills I swear, it'll make you happy :)

Bluntremi said...

@ in my head... thx jare.Yes o, this is just a day. Thank GOD they all arent like this, some are better, some are worse.

@ Kemi... thanks for the salute dear.. I wonder at myself at times! But at least you can point your hubby my way and i can help him pick out the best gift for you. Go check out the new post!

@ Ms Zee...your life is just as hard. Don't think otherwise! I dont kuku understand my energy at times. The fear of not succeeding is probably my driving force. Stronger than tiredness!

@Angela...Thanks for dropping by! I need as much encouragement as I can get!! Juggling is one of my best assets (outside of styling/shopping).Regarding my son, he is going to a new school in a few weeks. This issue, isnt going to be resolved at this school, mainly because they are going through some changes, and they arent really to my liking.

@Mamarita...with this much energy on nothing, I cringe to think of what any kind of pill would do for me! Thx for dropping by :)

Omara said...

How exciting... give me that anyday over being in Leicester - New York, New York!!!