Sunday, September 14, 2008

SARFM ...Pamela Stitch!

Okidoke...its a two for one special, I am so trying to get better blogging, because it helps reduce the number of calls I have to make to update everyone.

So a few weeks ago my PR consultant extraordinaire Bobby Taylor sends me a serious email..."I HAVE GOOD NEWS"!! I am wondering to myself, what's up?

She says "I got you on to a New york radio station" I could feel her excitement coming through the phone!! I always smile at how excited and passionate BT (when I am not calling her boobs, I call her BT) gets at her job. It's also why she is so good at what she does...her passion. I honestly think that's why we have been able to go past our "growing pains" and develop such a wonderful relationship. We are both extremely passionate about what we do.

Anyway, I'm running through all the options in my head...was it Hot 97 or The Wendy Williams show or Power 105.1 (remember I live in the nyc/tristate area and these are the top stations)?? WHAT ?WHO? WHERE?? LOL!! She then says its SARFM - which I had never heard of. Me being me, I said yes immediately because its one more person who can take me one step closer to my goal. Of course I got back home later on and I google it...I love the internet!!! I read up about the station and realized they had been around for quite sometime - an online station. Cool. It was also geared for West Africa, which is great for me...I am always up for explaining what I do to more and more Africans worldwide.

So here comes Saturday the 13th of Sept. I wake up nice and early , telling myself that I am getting there SUPER early...well, it didn't quite happen that way. I ended up being 10mins late for a live show. URGH!!!! Pamela Stitch was extremely sweet about it all...I however felt guilty throughout!

From what I had read about Pamela, I felt we would get along FINE! However the sunglasses indoors threw me off. It always gives off an unfriendly barrier(some even call it aloof!!!) which I mentioned to her as well. But besides that, I think the interview went well. I never really worry about interviews too much. Being an extrovert helps. I am also not shy (couldn't you tell?)so there isn't really a topic that I won't discuss!!

All in all, the interview went for 2 hrs instead of 1. We talked about fashion, The Versatile Shopper (my company - shameless plug), how I started, the recent article in the paper about how I met my husband etc. I had to call my dear friend Julie to apologize as she had to watch my son for longer than expected! Fortunately, she was fine with it. Thanks Julie!!!

Thanks to BT for putting this together. Thanks to Pamela Stitch for such a lovely discussion and for being HER!!!


BOBBY said...

Pamela just rocks doesnt she???

You are such a bloody STAR and even hotter you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo buzz worthy!!!!

Your publicist,
Bobby Tay!

pamela said...

It was great having you on my show....


I had a blast!!


You are definitely buzz maybe I will reconsider the sun glasses as winter approaches (tongue in the cheek, mischievous look on now)

Adebayo said...

Good job hon,way to go hon... keep Versatile Shopper (VS) on the buzz.