Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random musings...Celebs and friends

Its Sunday evening, 6:38pm. I have just finished running through several blogs. Some of my favorites, some new ones and also thinking about my own. Its one thing to commit to blogging and another to actually do it! Fortunately, I can definitely see an improvement myself. Thank Goodness for the Blackberry!!! My one true addiction!!

Do I love to write? heck yeah (I was an English honors student-that should tell you something)... just as much as love to talk, LOL!! I always have an opinion about numerous things, but sometimes the bone of contention is figuring out which one to yap about. Would love to talk about work...but unfortunately that would be telling and I really do have to put my clients FIRST. And I doubt I would have any clients at all if I put them on full blast now would I?? So that's out of the question - LOL!! I guess I could also talk about my views on life in general...but my thoughts are sometimes sooo far left field it's not even funny! SO sometimes its a bit of a pickle isn't it??

As open as I am about my own life. I find that privacy is CRUCIAL for others. I am privy to so much information it is INSANE. I am also fiercely protective. I guess its the mother hen in me. But I am not even tempted to say anything or even give an opinion about certain things because I never believe its my place to talk about anything other than myself and my direct family. Does that make sense? I hope so...

Recently an old friend that I had just reconnected with(courtesy of Facebook), wanted to know something about one of my clients. She is a football FANATIC and so once she found out that I was his stylist she HAD to ask. This is not the first time this has happened to me, and since I am not a child, I obviously knew how to handle her. What was amusing(and bit surprising) was her response and how rude she became when she realized I wasn't going to tell her anything. I guess we now know why we lost contact in the first place...Sigh!!!

I have never believed like the rest of the world that Celebs aren't entitled to their privacy. If anything I feel very sorry for them most times. Who wants to see every pound gained /lost monitored and splashed across every paper/mag?? Every time you have a bad hair day/bad fashion day (not courtesy of me!)/bad fight...I mean you name it...they have had it, splashed as a headline everywhere!! Can you imagine every person you have ever dated being put under a microscope?? Whew...considering we have to kiss a lot of frogs to find that Prince charming. I guess we should count ourselves lucky that we were able to do it in peace.

Have a fabulous week and remember Image is everything!!!



Jewells said...

Oh have acquired the infamous Blackberry addiction?!?! Good luck with that. I can't put mine down.

How'd you go from English to fashion??

And that is not cool of your "friend" to get attitude just because you wouldn't divulge your client's information. She should look at that as a quality of yours and not a reason to cut ties. If I had friends who wouldn't budge with my info, they'd be friends for life. Some people...

I'm sure when I acquire celebrity clients from doing makeup, I'll have friend coming out of the woodwork too for info. I'll politely give them the zipped lips.

Remi Fagbohun said...

Jewells, thanks for visiting...and yes , I found it equally shocking myself!!!
Good Luck with the Make-Up!!

And my addiction is better than others...


Remi Fagbohun said...

oh and fashion has always been in my blood...:-)