Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother's day 2010

Happy Mother's day everyone!!!

Mother's day always makes me think more about my mother. I do miss her, may her soul rest in peace. She passed away years ago, and no matter how old I get, I still need/miss/cherish her...but she is gone. As much as I try not to dwell on it too much, i most definitely thought of her more today, than usual.

I miss you mom!!

Moving on...

My darling 7 year old son and I have a little mother son thing we do on Mothers day. He knows how much I love my coffee (self proclaimed caffeine addict) and 2 years ago, he decided that since I always have starbucks in the mornings, e was going to start paying for my drink on Mothers day :-)

Well today was no different. He woke up , gave me a lovely handmade bookmark ( he also knows I love to read too) and off to Starbucks we went! I order my venti , 9 pump, no foam vanilla latte, extra hot banana nut loaf and he orders a blueberry scone. Bill comes to $8.61 or something. He very proudly pays the bill with some of the money from his piggy bank. It was the cutest thing EVER!! This year, maybe because he is getting older and is feeling so proud of the fact that he did something MAJOR! He says to me " Mom, now you can say that daddy and I got you flowers, but I got you your favorite drink...STARBUCKS!!"

Toooooooo cute!!

Got back home, cooked his favorite soup - which is Egusi...and had a luxurious day with my boys and a few friends.

That was my day!

Hope all the mothers out there enjoyed theirs!!


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