Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shoes and me...

Inspiration sometimes comes from the strangest places. My son asked me a simple question today. He said "Mom , why do you love shoes so much?" Lord, where did THAT come from? At first I smiled and asked why he was asking (did his Dad put him up to this??) He simply said , he sees how many shoes I have and how I seem to keep buying more (ouch)!!!

Of course I sat down and explained to him the differences between the various shoes and why his mommy needed so many. But afterwards, I started to think myself , where did this love stem from??

Then it hit me...my MOTHER!!! (May her soul rest in peace)

My earliest memory of shoes honestly came from her. My mother was just shy of 5 feet and my dad is a 6 footer. She was CONSTANTLY in heels. My mothers heels were so high, I actually thought she was closer to my dad's height (NOT). Growing up, she always seemed much, much taller (don't all of our parents?) than she really was. It didn't occur to me until much later that it was the shoes. Now my mother had TONS of shoes. I remember her having so many lovely shoes, all brightly colored too. I remember reds, purples, blues...sigh and she had tiny feet too (where are those shoes anyway???). My sister and I would often take them out and just look at them. They were sooooo pretty. There was a pair of red and white peep-toe pumps that were my favorite to play dress up in. They must have been at least 4-5 inch heels red with white stripes and a lovely bow on the top too. Super cute!!!! As much as I believe in mixing high and low, I DON'T do that with my shoes. My personal pet peeve is poorly made shoes and if I can see the glue on the shoe or the shoe can't stand on its own...thats a classic FAIL for me!!! To me, a sexy shoe is a very well made shoe. It just does something to me...

Ok, let me stop drooling.

Funny thing here is that if not for my son, this isn't really something I have ever fully thought about. I mean we often love what we love, but have you ever bothered to think of why you love what you love? There is always a story behind it. As a stylist, shoes are the one thing I refuse to skimp on, and I do not believe you can ever have too many . And that goes for both men and women. A pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. Wrong shoes on a killer suit? FAIL!!! Sexy dress and scuffed shoes? GAG!!!!

My mother loved her jewelry and her shoes. Guess that means I am definitely my mothers daughter, because I love those two things as well (shoes more than jewelry though). I firmly believe that the right shoes will change how you carry yourself and also how you see yourself. Sexiness and self confidence all come from within. Think about what makes you the most confident...whatever it is, own it and hone it. The results will shock you.

For me...it's the SHOES!!! I guess I should also prepare myself for my son's future love affair with shoes. We'll be saying in a few years that he gets it from his parents. Oh yeah, did I mention my husband is worse than me? LOL!!!!

Happy New month everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely piece... may your Mama continue to RIP. I did not know you were still blogging. How you find the time? xx Omara

Remi Fagbohun said...

Thanks Omara!! I don't blog as much as I would love to. Its sporadic at best, I am not ashamed to admit it. But , I feel its waaaay better than nothing :-)