Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Musings: Heels...

Since it seems very apparent that I can't seem to consistently just blog daily, why don't we just start calling my half-assed efforts - Random Musings? I know my own faults - I am the least consistent blogger out there...I don't even bother apologizing anymore (it stops being authentic after the first few times).

So toda
y , I watched a woman cross the street in my neighborhood , wearing 5 inch heels and holding onto a toddler. It looked PAINFUL!! She wasn't very comfortable bending down to reach the baby and anything could have shifted her balance. I am a mom as well and I LOVE my heels! But I wouldn't be caught dead simply walking my son in them when he was younger. He could need any number of things and my heels would conflict with my motherly duties...So I never wore heels. I wore sneakers. Now that he is older. I happily go back to my heels (within reason) knowing that I wear them best when he isn't around, and its just either my husband and I or friends all older than 5 - LOL!!

I am sure the gu
ys reading this are probably wondering why women wear heels in the first place.


Heels are soooooo sex
y!!! With the right set of heels, your butt gets a nice lift, it gives you a sexy swagger, you feel like you could conquer the WORLD!! I mean I could be here for awhile (and I am running out of time).

But there is a time and a place for our lovel
y little obsessions... lets ponder that shall we?

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